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First of all, my dear reader, ensure that you are calm and relaxed. Then consider going in the kitchen and preparing a good camomile. Valerian drops will also do, I think.

When you are in such way prepared for what I am going to point out to, you may want to say a Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. After that, if you really feel ready, click here, where you will be able to see with your eyes that the smoke of Satan, far from merely finding a way true a fissure of the Church, has been smoking out many an important room within the place for some considerable time.

I will not repeat the arguments against the latest blasphemous and heathenish monstrosity of the old Cardinal. I do not think that having Parkinson’s disease can be an extenuating circumstance. Whilst Parkinson’s disease can go together with dementia…

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Official: God Is An Embarrassment For Democrats

I am not joking, this is straight and true from Father Z’s Blog.

It goes to show the extent of the de-Christianisation of the Democrats. I can’t wait they ask God to be removed from the banknotes. I actually wonder why they have not done it already.

In the end, though, the move is at least coherent. It would have been even more hypocritical for  them to continue to appeal to Christian values. Now the mask is off at least.

We really need to get this election right. A funny non-Christian belonging to a funny sect is still preferable to an enemy of God.


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