Official: God Is An Embarrassment For Democrats

I am not joking, this is straight and true from Father Z’s Blog.

It goes to show the extent of the de-Christianisation of the Democrats. I can’t wait they ask God to be removed from the banknotes. I actually wonder why they have not done it already.

In the end, though, the move is at least coherent. It would have been even more hypocritical for  them to continue to appeal to Christian values. Now the mask is off at least.

We really need to get this election right. A funny non-Christian belonging to a funny sect is still preferable to an enemy of God.


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  1. I know some Christians are saying “Don’t VOTE JUST PRAY” but I say THAT is a pure SIN! Only if there were two people running who BOTH have “evil agendas” like one a Marxist and the other a “white supremacist” would anyone have a reason for abstaining!

    The Democratic Platform of kicking out God and becoming ATHEISTIC, SODOMISTIC, and ABORTIONISTS should wake up ANY follower of Jesus to the Platform of the AntiChrist.

    The RNC candidate may not have been MY CHOICE but HE IS A GOOD MAN who honors God, Family, Traditional Marriage, he does not DRINK, SMOKE or PHILANDER!! He is a humble man and a businessman who has rescued other failed institutions……I say GIVE HIM A CHANCE but also don’t TIE HIM BACK by making both HOUSE and SENATE controlled by the DNC or we will again just have a lot of banter and no actions.

    • Don’t.. what!?

      Gosh, what eunuchs…

      Praying is obviously very good in itself, but it can never substitute action. The Crusades could not have been substituted by prayers, nor would Jerusalem have been taken just by praying. Even St. Francis did not limit himself to prayer, but insisted in taking action.

      And what shall we say of Padre Pio? Did he suggest to the Italians that they “don’t vote, just pray” during the all-decisive elections in 1948? No, he told them very plainly what they had to do!

      If there is a kind of “Christians” I hate, is this kind of effeminate cowardly good for nothing…


    • I do hope and think at least the Congress will be firmly in Republican hands, hopefully the Senate too. If this happens, Obama will not have a great joy of a least the first two years of his mandate.

      Let us hope. I am a bit scared of men who don’t drink coffee, though… 😉

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