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The Law Of God And The Man-Made Law

In a story that would have been unthinkable only one generation ago (probably not even good for a fantasy novel, as too disgustingly and shockingly vulgar) we now have to deal with the consequences of the perverted madness of the last decades, and of what happens when someone sees the light.

In this case there is a lesbian living together with her “partner”. They “adopt” a child, but… no, wait; only one of the lesbians does it, the other is merely the “significant other” (oh, the times we live in…) of the (oh, the times we live in…) “mother”. Therefore, the poor girl was given in adoption to one person, not two. The two lesbians had, though, contracted a so-called “civil marriage”.

In a dramatic turn of event, the “mother” repents of her lesbian lifestyle and leaves the other woman who had – let us say it once again – not adopted the child. I suspect here that a lesbian must be able to be double of a bitch, because the non-mother now asked for, and obtained, a shared custody right for the poor girl. So let us say it once again: the lesbian who did not adopt the child can now share custody rights with the daughter of a (now) fully committed Christian woman.

At this time the matter becomes serious, because the Mennonite community to which the converted ex-lesbian belongs to does not even conceive the possibility the poor girl may be, so to speak, put again into the jaws of the perversion from which she has just come out. Courageously – if illegally – they help mother and daughter to escape to Nicaragua to subtract her daughter to the terrible destiny the “enlightened” judges have prepared for her.

The matter is now an international case with criminal law and civil law ramifications – the lesbian bitch is suing pretty much everyone, it appears – and it is rather interesting because last time I looked Nicaragua was a bit more Catholic than the United States, and the concept of a daughter having to share possibly even half (and certainly too much) of her childhood and adolescence with a lesbian woman hated by her now Christian mother had not been entirely digested yet.

We will see how this pans out. Allow me here to express my admiration for the Mennonite pastor (and others, but particularly him) lucidly putting his freedom at risk  in order to help a young girl not to live in the midst of abomination. Put in front of the choice between following God’s law and running the risk of going to jail, or following the law of man and continuous a peaceful life he did not hesitate to choose the former, nor seems the local (Nicaraguan) community less determined. These people may be Protestants as much as you like but boy, they have guts I would personally find beyond my strenght.

Good luck and our prayers to all of them, and of course to the young girl.


Free, Legal, And Frequent: Abortion In Obama’s USA.

Not without satisfaction I notice that the 2012 Democrats start to resemble the 1984 ones, when Walter Mondale was pitilessly massacred by the Gipper.

Of course, the situation is different today: being the President, Hussein O starts from a position of strenght Mondale never had, and God knows Romney is no Reagan. Still, one can clearly say in both cases the party activists have clearly seized the stage and dictate the agenda, pushing a maximalist program that would be suicidal if they were in the opposition and is still very dangerous now that they are in the White House.

Apart from the u-turn of the “first gay President”, whose opinions have (or so he says) “evolved” in line with the most angry liberals of his party, the ideological implications of “Obamacare” are more and more made explicit by the now advanced campaign, where there is no possibility anymore to hide behind the finger and every party is forced to say – or to have extracted from it – what is the party line in controversial matters.

The Democrats will, apparently, adopt the most extreme abortionist formulation ever used in matters of baby murder:

“The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay.”

Note here the unequivocal choice of words: “strongly and unequivocally supports” means no Catholic should even think of voting for them, and “regardless of ability to pay” means the taxpayer must pay for the murderous intent.

This is very far away from even the hypocritical “safe, legal, and rare” of the past. This is an open declaration of war to even basic Christian instincts. Interestingly enough, the position is adopted notwithstanding its seeming unpopularity among the voters; this clearly indicates the party activists have the campaign under control, and this is very much after the liking of a man capable of saying that a woman who remains pregnant is “punished” with a baby.

In Obama’s world, the girl (or boy; of husband and wife come to that) is never “responsible” for anything, as responsibility is something simply non-existent in Obama’s world (ask his mother). Far better, in this perspective, get rid of the nuisance, as you would with a warp.

I never cease of thinking that seeing the circumstances (clearly unwanted pregnancy of a young slut playing liberal activist and a penniless boy utterly disinterested in paternity) Obama would have aborted himself. Fortunately for him, he was born in more Christian times than the present ones. He does not seem to give the same chances to the children of the sluts of the present generation.


Tomato Outed As Christian By Muslim Group

A group of Muslim fanatics has warned their followers not to eat tomatoes. Tomatoes are, they inform us, “Christian”.

The proof is here:

Heroic fruit.

I am rather a sympathiser of the humble tomato, a fruit you can find very often on my table. Add to this that – like every other Italian worthy of the name – I often prepare the sugo for my pasta, and the word is in Italian, in practice, synonymous with tomato sauce.

Still, much as I appreciated tomatoes I did not know they had such marked Christian virtues. I tremble at the idea of the immense quantities of tomatoes which might now fall victim of this latest expression of Islamic genius. I had not laughed so much in tomato matters since the tomato joke Uma Thurman says to John Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

Thinking of it, I have some tomatoes in the fridge just now. I think I will eat one or two for dinner (in the usual, traditional Italian way: some salt, some olive oil, and nothing else) and cry “Deus le Volt” and “Jerusalem or death” before every mouthful. This way I will help the humble, but very useful tomato to consolidate its Christian credentials.

Next time you eat a tomato, think of these Muslim idiots. It will taste even better.


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