Free, Legal, And Frequent: Abortion In Obama’s USA.

Not without satisfaction I notice that the 2012 Democrats start to resemble the 1984 ones, when Walter Mondale was pitilessly massacred by the Gipper.

Of course, the situation is different today: being the President, Hussein O starts from a position of strenght Mondale never had, and God knows Romney is no Reagan. Still, one can clearly say in both cases the party activists have clearly seized the stage and dictate the agenda, pushing a maximalist program that would be suicidal if they were in the opposition and is still very dangerous now that they are in the White House.

Apart from the u-turn of the “first gay President”, whose opinions have (or so he says) “evolved” in line with the most angry liberals of his party, the ideological implications of “Obamacare” are more and more made explicit by the now advanced campaign, where there is no possibility anymore to hide behind the finger and every party is forced to say – or to have extracted from it – what is the party line in controversial matters.

The Democrats will, apparently, adopt the most extreme abortionist formulation ever used in matters of baby murder:

“The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay.”

Note here the unequivocal choice of words: “strongly and unequivocally supports” means no Catholic should even think of voting for them, and “regardless of ability to pay” means the taxpayer must pay for the murderous intent.

This is very far away from even the hypocritical “safe, legal, and rare” of the past. This is an open declaration of war to even basic Christian instincts. Interestingly enough, the position is adopted notwithstanding its seeming unpopularity among the voters; this clearly indicates the party activists have the campaign under control, and this is very much after the liking of a man capable of saying that a woman who remains pregnant is “punished” with a baby.

In Obama’s world, the girl (or boy; of husband and wife come to that) is never “responsible” for anything, as responsibility is something simply non-existent in Obama’s world (ask his mother). Far better, in this perspective, get rid of the nuisance, as you would with a warp.

I never cease of thinking that seeing the circumstances (clearly unwanted pregnancy of a young slut playing liberal activist and a penniless boy utterly disinterested in paternity) Obama would have aborted himself. Fortunately for him, he was born in more Christian times than the present ones. He does not seem to give the same chances to the children of the sluts of the present generation.


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  1. Mundabor,
    this is the same position Mitt Romney adopted when he ran for Governor in Massachusetts. It was widely described as “to the left of Ted Kennedy” in 1994. Romney remained committed to his anti-life extremism until he decided to run for President as a Republican. Then he decided to “convert” to the pro-life camp, obviously for strategic reasons, never having done anything for the pro-life cause in his entire life. Just a few weeks ago he declared himself in favor of murder not only in cases of rape and incest but also for reasons of “health”. Spokesmen for the Romney campaign later explained this revealing statement away by claiming Romney “misspoke”. He was also foremost in his condemnation of pro-life candidate Mr. Akin.

    There are only two differences between Obama and Romney on abortion: First, Obama is at least a little bit more honest about it. He does not claim to be pro-life and the Democratic platform does not claim it either. Second, Romney is a Republican.

    The second difference is more important as both Obama and Romney are liars. Obama’s relative honesty on the abortion issue does not count in his favor. But if any Republican becomes President he has to appease the pro-life lobby. Or at least pretend to do so by throwing them a little stale bread from time to time. This would already be a modest improvement over the current White House.

    But there should be absolutely no doubt: Romney is pro-abortion just as much as Obama is. Romney is preferable to Obama on social issues because he has to appease Republican voters, and for absolutely no other reason. If I were an American I would vote for Romney on November 6th. But I would do it in great sadness for my country as the choice is not between good and evil but between two enormous evils. Even if Romney wins, it will just confirm another triumph of liberal feminist establishment Republicanism and a loss for America, for Christians, for unborn children and even just for conservatism. Just a slightly smaller loss than the alternative.

    • Beautiful analysis, Catocon. I would add to that that Romney’s position in matter of sexual perversion are not less fishy than those on abortion, actually they stink even more.

      But you see, apparently Gingrich was not good enough as a candidate because it appears in the US unless one is near-perfect he does not get selected to run for President. Therefore, the American people have now put themselves in front of the choice between an atheist who in reality a cultural muslim and a strange chap who believes Jesus has visited the United States. But hey, he is faithful to his wife, so everything is fine.

      Obama’s honesty is also, I think, very partial. For example, he decided to “come out” on “gay” marriage when he thought it was the opportune thing to do (or forced by Joe Biden’s blunder), but I’m sure that was his position a long time ago.

      In my eyes the main motivation for Republicans in voting Romney will be his obvious superiority in the matter of running the economy; but not having credentials on Christian issues, he will fail to mobilise part of the socially conservative electorate and even the choice of Ryan as VP will not make a big difference in this.

      Once again, the American voters were very picky when it was the time to be a bit more flexible: now they must lie in the bed they have made for themselves.


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