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In just a few days, the autobiography of George W Bush will hit the bookshelves. From the parts already given to the public as appetizers it would appear that Bush was moved from the firm stance of the Pope about embryonic stem cell research to severely (if not completely) restrict research activities which would lead to the killing of embryonic lives.

This piece of information is important for several reasons. The first is to show that Bush (a great president if you ask me; not as great as Reagan for sure, but infinitely better than Al Gore would have ever been, every day of the week) was, ever after becoming the most powerful man on the planet, humble and perceptive enough to change his mind about important moral issues. One compares with Obama, and stuns.

The second is the fact that the separation of Church and state doesn’t mean that…

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  1. I SURE MISS HIM TOO!!! A real leader who the left made so much fun of. I used to like his wife and do still in many ways but I threw her book out when I read in it that she is PRO-GAY MARRIAGE and PRO-ABORTION!!!! She sure hid how she felt for YEARS!!!

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