The Democratic Catholic Church Introduces Itself

Forget the Pope, the Cardinals, and the Bishops.

Forget the Gospel, and the Apostles.

Forget the Commandments.

In fact, forget Jesus alright.

Just listen to this:

The Democrat Catholic Hierarchy, led by a bunch of women (some of them with a willie, like Biden; others without, like Pelosi, Sebelius, Kennedy) think it “Catholic” to, erm, “fight” for the “right” of their daughters to engage in premarital sex and get rid of the consequences through what they call “reproductive health” (read: murder).

It is astonishing what these people can try to let pass for Catholic.

My opinion is that the Democrat HQ have decided to launch an offensive against Catholic values in the name of the same Catholicism they want to trample, aiming to create a sort of parallel religion whose tenets are the right to have sex as you please, kill your child, and call yourself Catholic in the process.

Pure evil.

By the by, I did not know that President Kennedy was in favour of women’s “reproduction right” as I thought he had been killed several  years before Roe vs Wade; but I am sure Caroline Kennedy knows her history better than I do, or alternatively that she knows her history in the same way she knows her Catholicism.


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  1. By all accounts JFK was pro-life and didn’t care much for birth control. We can only judge this on statements he’s made. I highly doubt Caroline and her father sat around and discussed these things before his death since she was just a little girl.

    Her speech was a slap in the face of every decent Catholic in this country. Her bishop needs to reign her in or cut her loose (IMO)

    • I doubt she even remembers the year he was killed, frankly, or confuses 1963 with 1973…

      I am astonished a person of such intellectual irrelevance would get an audience just because of her name.


  2. It is all out war against the Catholic Faith led BY the Catholics like Kennedy and Sebelius and Pelosi and Biden (I’m SURE there are many more!) of the Liberal Democratic Bent. The real question is not why is this happening as Jesus warned us that if we are followers of His that we TOO would be persecuted…..the REAL question is WHO in the LEADERSHIP of the CATHOLIC CHURCH is going to STEP UP TO THE PLATE and repremand and (if no movement of remorse for their sins) Oust them from the Faith? After all…..this is only Biblical for those who call themselves Catholic and yet live willingly a life of sin!

    Our Church may be smaller but MUCH BETTER for it!

    • Exactly so, Elizabeth. We have the Sebeliuses and the Pelosis of the world because the Catholic hierarchy has allowed them to go undisturbed without any serious punishment for too long.

      But again, if even Dolan thinks he can invite his supposed arch-enemy to hold a speech how can we think there will be the reaction the Pelosis deserve? Cardinal Dolan would be able to reprimand her and accept her invitation to dinner without her changing her position one bit…


  3. Well said Mundabor! I just realized that at this AL SMITH DINNER there will probably also be in attendance Pelosi and Biden and maybe even Sebelius as it is a fundraiser and they are the types that would LOVE to be seen at FUNDRAISERS!!!! Especially with the BISHOP!!!! Maybe he can so to speak kill 4 birds with 1 stone!!!!????

    • In my eyes, the Cardinal should not have invited Hussein O (not in general, much less as a speaker) anyway, nor should any of the others be there. If they publicly change their mind and repent, then fine; but not before, methinks.

      Dolan wants to be a bit too much in the limelight, if you ask me; he wants to be everywhere, which is not a substitute for making clear a murderous President is an enemy of the nation.

      I am slowly afraid of finding pieces of Dolan in my salad.


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