The Great Church Of Compromise (And The Party That Comes With That)

Extremely beautiful video from the, as usual, spot on Michael Voris.

I doubt the lamented tendency to “compromise” is very much an American speciality – the Church in Western Europe behaves not one bit differently, and the political parties are generally speaking even worse than the US Republicans – but he certainly puts his finger on two evils, the intrinsic cowardice of Republican positions in matters of life and sexual mores, and the same phenomenon happening within the Church.

In fact, I think this longish video contains material for two separate issues of the “Vortex” and is most certainly worth the time.

God Bless Michael Voris. If we only had a couple of dozen of Cardinals and Bishops like him – ready not only to say unpleasant things, but to look at the unavoidable battle than ensues with relish – the Church would start to change for the better very rapidly.


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