Coke Or Martini?

This is weird even for a European accustomed to the American love for shows.

I am curious to know whether you think this is due to:

1) Martini (Not the Cardinal).

2) Coke (not the drink).

As an aside, as I am utterly shocked at the amount of jobs simply kept alive through the indiscriminate injection of taxpayers’ money, and of the fact that this is even seen as a positive thing to get so (questionably) excited about. This would have made an Italian socialist cringe.

’nuff said.


(please remember to turn down the volume before you start the video…)


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  1. WOW!!! Thanks for warning us to TURN our SOUND DOWN!!! YIKES!!!
    The first thing I want to say is that are we SURE all the stats she is throwing around are all correct or do the dems think that if one yells and points enough that the excitement will be so exhilarating that nobody will even CARE if the facts are correct? Check this web-site out on this this topic……

    The second thing I would like to say is that I wish someone would put together a video piece with clips of all the women who spoke for the DNC and also for the RNC. I would LOVE to see the difference in the tones of each Convention. What I realized after watching such intelligent and well put speeches at the RNC was that I had to keep turning my TV down when the DNC female speakers came down and they all acted like a bunch of Class Bullies that I so WELL remember in my younger days! What makes them think that they have to act so tough and butch to get their points across?
    The two women who I remember in Government (Ironsides and Golda Meir) were both very strong and forceful women but they did it with WORDS not with yelling, screaming and shaking fingers across podiums at people!

    Actually when I think about it….One of the most attractive things to me with both men AND women is a person who has an inner strength that shows, yet they don’t have to yell, scream, act like a roughian and act like a traffic cop! Ronald Reagan was a perfect example when he said “Mr. Gorbachov…..Tear Down this wall…!!!!” Maybe somone could put a skit together for Youtube where they reenact THAT SAME speech as Reagan but acting like Ms. Granholm!!!! THAT would be a HOOT!!!

    • You do remember Margaret Thatcher, surely?

      The scary thing in her speech was – beside the suspicion she was on drugs, or on vodka – the talking of state intervention to throw money around as if this had been a good thing! Shocking!


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