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United 93

Kudos to The American Catholic for reminding us of this beautiful, moving film about what happened that day on the United 93.

Perhaps  remembering the heroes of United 93 is a fitting way to remember all the other unknown heroes of that tragic day.


Why Did The Twin Towers Collapse?

First read here what Hussein O has to say about September 11, 2001.

Then please help me to remember why did the Twin Towers (to say nothing of the rest) collapsed:

1) Tsunami?

2) Hurricane?

3) Catholic fundamentalists?

4) They just felt very very tired?

It must be one of those, I know… I just cannot remember which…


9/11 Reblog 2.0

Mundabor's Blog

As everyone, I remember that terrible afternoon of now ten years ago. I followed the events closely, and a sense of impotence and rage, as I had never experienced before, has remained with me to this day.

I remember that going to bed I reflected that the worst was to think that once again, there would be no adequate answer and the West would be content with the usual barking and meowing. A sense of decay, of twilight of a civilisation, was how I remember that terrible 11 September 2001.I was absolutely sure that the events would be repeated, that other aeroplanes would go down, if perhaps only every now and then; that we all would have to become accustomed to living with the fear of terror from the skies.

Ten years later, it turns out that I was wrong. Never could the terrorists repeat the actions of the 11…

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