Why Did The Twin Towers Collapse?

First read here what Hussein O has to say about September 11, 2001.

Then please help me to remember why did the Twin Towers (to say nothing of the rest) collapsed:

1) Tsunami?

2) Hurricane?

3) Catholic fundamentalists?

4) They just felt very very tired?

It must be one of those, I know… I just cannot remember which…


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  1. 5) The Twin Towers collapsed under the weight of their grief. It was caused by Bushitler stealing the election, disenfranchising the poor and being a fundamentalist extremist racist Christianist evil genius unable to read. 😉

    A heartfelt salute and prayer for all those who still fight for Christian Truth and freedom in the face of Islamic terrorism and intimidation at home and abroad! There are some who will never forget you!

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