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Official: Nick Clegg Is A “Liberal”

In a rather funny turn of event, Nick Clegg was forced to backpedal on the “bigot” slur he clearly wanted to express – tolerant as he is – and had to say something vaguely pathetic about it not being like him to call his opponents “bigots”. Try another one.

The official explanation is now that there were (for some reason) two drafts of the speech: the “good” one was approved by the oh so tolerant Clegg but, miraculously, there was also another one which was not approved but was – certainly because of the intervention of Mister Magoo, who had confused the two – distributed to the press instead. The excuse is neither intelligent nor original, and an apology would have been more dignified. Alas, it would not have been very much Lib-Dem.

If you do not live in the UK, you must understand Clegg’s remark from the background of a massive opposition to the so-called “gay marriage”, which caused Cameron’s stool to shake visibly and forced him to admit the matter is now, erm, on ice. Obviously, though – being this the man they call “Chameleon” – the unwanted policy remains wanted at the same time, in the sense that it is still official intention of the government to introduce a measure the biggest party in government flatly refuses. If you think this is too stupid to be true, please consider they have done the same with the reform of the Lords.

Now, Mr Clegg is at the moment struggling to give his supporters one single reason to justify his existence as the Chameleon’s girlfriend, and wants to show some muscle to the perverted troops and their supporters, constituting a stronghold of the Lib-Dem electorate. Therefore, the phrase

“Continued trouble in the economy gives the bigots a stick to beat us with, as they demand we ‘postpone’ the equalities agenda in order to deal with ‘the things that people really care about’.”

is perfectly to be expected and very much in tune with Clegg’s conception of being “liberal”. Please also note the speech was meant for an audience of committed friends of sexual perversion, and some spice therefore had to be delivered.

Alas, the embarrassingly inadequate Clegg has once again showed he is no material for a Deputy Prime Minister, let alone an MP.

On the other hand, he seems the born “liberal”.

To better explain to the overseas readership what a nincompoop the man is, I must go back some months, when the intrepid friends of the sodomites expressed himself like this:

We have a moral duty to the next generation to wipe the slate clean for them of debt. We have set out a plan – it lasts about six or seven years – to wipe the slate clean to rid people of the deadweight of debt that has been built up over time.

It is clear here that dear Deputy Prime Minister does not know the difference between public debt and structural deficit (which is what the government would like to get rid of in the next six or seven years; the mountain of debt will, of course, remain). But again, if you are a Lib-Dem these things do not even have to be a great embarrassment to you.  Engage yourself more in favour of the sodomites and your utter incompetence in matters of… numeracy will be forgotten.

Or so he thought.


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Interesting article of the Catholic Herald about the Pope’s message to Brasilian bishops, who are now visiting him for their ad limina.

The Pope’s message is very interesting for a number of reasons:

1) It comes in the immediate vigil of an important election day in Brasil. It doesn’t happen very often that a Pope has the not very diplomatic, but welcome courage to remind Catholics of their duties as voters just before an election. This will probably cause criticism by the anti-Catholic faction but hey, this can only be a good sign. By the way, next week is the US’s turn. I can easily imagine that the Holy Father was – as they say in Italy – “talking to the wife so that the mother-in-law may understand”.

2) Once again, the Pope profits to remind the Bishops and priests of their duties. In a world where all…

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“Religion Of Peace” Strikes Again

Very apposite…

The recent events in Benghazi – where several innocent citizens, among them an ambassador, have been killed through the senseless violence of the usual Islamic fanatics – allow us to make a sobering parallelism with Christianity, as it is known to everyone of us that attacks to consulates of Muslim countries are, alas, a too frequent occurrence in Christian countries whenever a movie insulting of Christianity hits the screens.

In fact, the style of protest and the weapons used – with grenades also employed – seem to echo the usual pattern of Christian violence we see everywhere in our Western countries.

The sad events in Libya are, therefore, a welcome occasion to make an act of contrition, examine our sins and exercise some healthy self-criticism instead of recurring to the uncharitable reaction of criticising our brothers and sisters in ecumenism.

To this aim, I suggest the watching of this well-made video of Andrew Klavan about “How to behave during an Islamic massacre”. Besides being very actual, it is a good help in teaching us to improve our way in the face of oh so much violence from oh everyone.


(There. I feel so good now…).

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