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The “Ars Orandi” Blog


I have become aware of this blog as the author has recently started to link to my blog, thus making me aware of his existence through the clicks coming from there.

This blog is so good, that upon first perusal of the most important  links I have decided to immediately put it in my (ahem, extremely exclusive) “Blogroll” list.

As the name indicates, the blog is mainly concerned with liturgical and devotional matters. What makes it very interesting, though, is the different perspective given to the liturgy, seen not so much from the side of the priest, but rather examined closely from the side of the layman.

To discover the richness of this site, I suggest you read the “about this blog” page, (Achtung! This is an extensive programmatic statement rather than the usual short declaration of intent). Extremely interesting (and rather complete, too) is also the Q & A page, giving a vast background on the blog author. Vastly important is in my eyes the section (which you find on the right-hand column) about the “Methods of Hearing Mass by Lady Lucy Herbert”, with the brilliant “Blogger’s introduction” and, following, the various parts of an (as I suspect)  enlightening book about less intuitive ways of actively participating to the Mass.

I intend to read this blog as I would read a book, as it is my impression that (besides containing a real book in the above mentioned “Methods”) its content is highly structured and a coherent ensemble of instruments helping the laity to profit from the Mass. The variety of topics will, in due course, inspire one or three reflections, with which I will of course afflict my patient readers.

For the moment, I can only suggest that you click the site and “take the tour”. It is really one of the best blogs I ever came across, and being  written in English it is accessible to a worldwide audience.

My congratulations to the anonymous author, a man who has undergone rather severe trials in the past through the madness afflicting the Church (see the Q&A  section), and has managed to maintain his intelligent loyalty to the Church intact.

Enjoy the blog.


The Torah Declaration On Homosexuality

Reacting to the obvious infiltration of homo-thinking among not only “liberal” Israelites, this internet site – created by round two dozen Jews who have overcome their perverted sexual tendencies with the help of Rabbis and other correligionists – has published a rather  well-written Declaration on homosexuality.

The link to the “declaration” site had some problems to load on Friday; I have therefore copied and pasted the entire text below.

Kudos to these brave Jews who dare to defy the “monumental shift” in even the jewish world’s attitude towards homosexuality, and have the guts to say it as it is.

As I write, 223 “Rabbis, Community Leaders, and Mental health Professionals”  have signed the declaration. I do not know exactly what role a “community leader” has in the Jewish world, but do not doubt the Rabbis and mental health professionals must be well represented.

At times, I have the impression that in matters of sexual perversion we might be approaching the turning of the tide, as the mainstream progressively reacts to the homo bullying and refuses to be considered “bigot”, “hateful” or “homophobic” just for defending common sense and common decency against a bunch of aggressive perverts.

Below is the entire text of the Declaration.



Declaration On The Torah Approach To Homosexuality

Societal Developments On Homosexuality

There has been a monumental shift in the secular world’s attitude towards homosexuality over the past few decades. In particular over the past fifteen years there has been a major public campaign to gain acceptance for homosexuality. Legalizing same-sex marriage has become the end goal of the campaign to equate homosexuality with heterosexuality.

A propaganda blitz has been sweeping the world using political tactics to persuade the public about the legitimacy of homosexuality. The media is rife with negative labels implying that one is “hateful” or “homophobic” if they do not accept the homosexual lifestyle as legitimate. This political coercion has silenced many into acquiescence. Unfortunately this attitude has seeped into the Torah community and many have become confused or have accepted the media’s portrayal of this issue.

The Torah’s Unequivocal And Eternal Message

The Torah makes a clear statement that homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle or a genuine identity by severely prohibiting its conduct. Furthermore, the Torah, ever prescient about negative secular influences, warns us in Vayikra (Leviticus) 20:23 “Do not follow the traditions of the nations that I expel from before you…” Particularly the Torah writes this in regards to homosexuality and other forbidden sexual liaisons.

Same-Sex Attractions Can Be Modified And Healed

From a Torah perspective, the question whether homosexual inclinations and behaviors are changeable is extremely relevant. The concept that G-d created a human being who is unable to find happiness in a loving relationship unless he violates a biblical prohibition is neither plausible nor acceptable. G-d is loving and merciful. Struggles, and yes, difficult struggles, along with healing and personal growth are part and parcel of this world. Impossible, life long, Torah prohibited situations with no achievable solutions are not.

We emphatically reject the notion that a homosexually inclined person cannot overcome his or her inclination and desire. Behaviors are changeable. The Torah does not forbid something which is impossible to avoid. Abandoning people to lifelong loneliness and despair by denying all hope of overcoming and healing their same-sex attraction is heartlessly cruel. Such an attitude also violates the biblical prohibition in Vayikra (Leviticus) 19:14 “and you shall not place a stumbling block before the blind.”

The Process Of Healing

The only viable course of action that is consistent with the Torah is therapy and teshuvah. The therapy consists of reinforcing the natural gender-identity of the individual by helping him or her understand and repair the emotional wounds that led to its disorientation and weakening, thus enabling the resumption and completion of the individual’s emotional development. Teshuvah is a Torah-mandated, self-motivated process of turning away from any transgression or sin and returning to G-d and one’s spiritual essence. This includes refining and reintegrating the personality and allowing it to grow in a healthy and wholesome manner.

These processes are typically facilitated and coordinated with the help of a specially trained counselor or therapist working in conjunction with a qualified spiritual teacher or guide. There is no other practical, Torah-sanctioned solution for this issue.

The Mitzvah Of Love And Compassion

It requires tremendous bravery and fortitude for a person to confront and deal with same-sex attraction. For example a sixteen-year-old who is struggling with this issue may be confused and afraid and not know whom to speak to or what steps to take. We must create an atmosphere where this teenager (or anyone) can speak freely to a parent, rabbi, or mentor and be treated with love and compassion. Authority figures can then guide same-sex strugglers towards a path of healing and overcoming their inclinations.

The key point to remember is that these individuals are primarily innocent victims of childhood emotional wounds. They deserve our full love, support and encouragement in their striving towards healing. Struggling individuals who seek health and wellness should not be confused with the homosexual movement and their agenda. This distinction is crucial. It reflects the difference between what G-d asks from all of us and what He unambiguously prohibits.

We need to do everything in our power to lovingly uplift struggling individuals towards a full and healthy life that is filled with love, joy and the wisdom of the Torah.

Bishop Williamson’s Journey To Brasil: The SSPX Speaks.

A very good shepherd: Bishop Fellay.

Below is the translation of the press release of the SSPX South American Superior. Translation courtesy of Catholic Church Conservation. 


At the invitation of Dom Thomas, prior of the monastery of the Holy Cross of New Freiburg, Bishop Williamson came to confer the sacrament of confirmation and give some lectures.
I would like to clarify that this trip has been organized independently of the SSPX. Indeed, according to the directives left by our founder Archbishop Lefebvre, only the Superior General, Bishop Fellay in this case, gives the mandate to the auxiliary bishops to undertake a pastoral visit. This procedure has not been respected, which is a serious act against the virtue of obedience but also a more basic lack of courtesy. In addition, the District Superior’s agreement has not been requested as required by the statutes of our Fraternity. The harmonious collaboration that existed between the SSPX and the Monastery of the Holy Cross has been broken by this act of great gravity, so the organizers must take responsibility before God. Indeed, some have been deceived and faithful attended the ceremonies and conferences announced believing that they had been organized by the SSPX.
After reading the article of Dom Tomas de Aquino “Honor and Glory to Mgr Williamson”, I denounce firmly the indirect accusations which were made ​​suggesting that the SSPX would agree with modernism and cease fighting for the defense of Catholic Tradition .
Such insinuations are gratuitous, false, hurtful and injurious to our Superior General and to the members of the SSPX. I cannot remain silent. If Bishop Fellay has rejected the outstretched hand of Rome on June 13, it is for doctrinal reasons. And it is because we reject the modernism imbued Vatican II which is the main cause of the ruin of the Church today and we want to continue saying it, it is also because we reject the Novus Ordo Missae that departs from both Catholic doctrine “as a whole and in detail”, that no practical agreement has been signed with Rome. This was the position of Archbishop Lefebvre yesterday and this is the position of Monsignor Fellay today. The General Chapter last July confirmed it. Any other assertion is nothing more than a manipulation or lie. Any prediction of a practical agreement reveals a morbid imagination.
At the beginning of December, Bishop de Galarreta will come to visit and confer the sacrament of Confirmation in Brazil and other countries in our district as our Superior General has planned for many months.
I invite the faithful of the Catholic tradition in Brazil not to pay attention to rumors, to continue to support their priests with their sacrifices, prayers and generosity and beg God to send numerous and ardent vocations to defend and extend the reign of Christ the King under the noble banner of the Catholic tradition and the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. God bless you!
Padre Christian BOUCHACOURT
Superior de Distrito.
My very short thoughts:
1) The SSPX is really angry, and it is very likely this will have consequences.
2) Bishop Williamson clearly travelled to Brasil in full knowledge of the consequences, which he probably wanted to precipitate.
3) There are no covert agreements with the Vatican (this was also reported from Kreuz.net a couple of days ago).
4) Bishop de Galarreta will not position himself on the side of Bishop Williamson.
I fully agree with Father Bouchacourt that the entire affair proved the doctrinal integrity of the SSPX rather than its contrary.

“So You’re Telling Me…”

(kudos to Domine, da mihi hanc aquam)


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Those among my readers who do not read German will probably not know Kreuz.net, though I dare to think most of those who speak German do.

Kreuz.net is a very conservative, ferociously Anti-V II anonymous Internet site. If you think I express myself in a too aggressive way, you are well advised never to visit them as compared to them my blog is harmless mainstream Catholic fare. You read the blog with its  vitriolic comments and could be forgiven for thinking you have landed on some micro-site of extremely angry extremists with a micro-following of extremely angry readers.

Big mistake.

Kreuz.net, which in the past posted articles from excellent priests above all suspicion like Reto Nay ( Nay is the excellent “engine” behind Gloria TV, which is multilingual like himself; I have linked to the site more than a couple of times), is well-known for being not only…

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