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Mundabor’s Suggestion To Good German Catholics Who Are Fed Up With The Kirchensteuer

Avanzino Nucci, “Peter’s conflict with Simon Magus”

So, you live in Germany and you have been conscious many years now that the Kirchensteuer is only there to serve the perpetuation of a very fat secularised apparatus, which becomes more secularised because as its revenues depend from the Kirchensteuer they must do whatever they can to avoid the dissenting, contracepting, and adulterous crowds from getting out of the system; and a result, they bend over backwards to please and appease them, as you can see almost daily in the press.

What to do?

If I were in your shoes, I would do as follows:

a) Austritt. No ifs, and no buts.

b) Visit the next (or my usual) Pfarrer and say to him in his face (possibly having recited the “Creed of the Apostles” out loud, and having asked him whether he believes that I am a Catholic)  as follows:

“I am baptised and confirmed, and weekly churchgoer. I pray the Rosary (if you do) every day. I go to confession regularly. I keep fasting days, and days of obligations (& Co.,  & Co.). I have declared my exit from the Kirchensteuer, but I am a faithful orthodox Catholic and want you to know it.

If you agree that I am still a Catholic and can receive the sacraments, I will attend here and you will receive the money I will see it fit to give to your parish directly; otherwise you can go, with all due respect, to hell (where you will very probably go; you can say this) and I will find a better priest, and a more Catholic one  (SSPX? FSSP? Or perhaps your neighbour? Or his neighbour?)  than you are.

Please note I will behave in everything in a way which would not cause the minimum problem in a Catholic from any other but a German-speaking country. I will not only contribute, but I will contribute generously. But I will contribute to those Catholics organisations I like and whose work I approve of. You will, once again, get from me what I will see fit to give you, and I will not tolerate any enquiry, or any negotiation on the matter, as it would be fully normal in any other country on Earth, bar the German-speaking ones.

Your call, Father.”

If I know my German priests, it will be all fine with the third one at the latest, with the one or the other mumbling something about the duty of the priest to administer the sacraments to faithful Catholics, and happy to keep both the sheep and the money.  These are people who administer the sacrament to the fake Catholics, it won’t be so difficult to find those administering them to the real ones. Nor can’t they say that the sacrament is invalid because you are excommunicated, because you aren’t.

Or the priest will say no, and then it will be the next chap’s turn. Germany has, compared to England, a great number of churches and one would be spoilt for choice. You might have to travel a bit to find a church and a priest whose Mass you like, but I can’t imagine there will be so many difficulties.

Imagine the scenario: a priest is put in front of the choice between saying to a devout Catholic who wants to go to mass, participate to the sacramental life and contribute (as he should) to the upkeep of the Church that he is obviously welcome, or to say to him “no, I do not want you, go away! Jesus said: “Go into all the world and preach the Kirchensteuer to all German countries!”;…knowing, if he so behaves, that the neighbourhood will know what kind of priest he is (you will post this on the internet of course; twitter, facebook, the lot…) and that every neighbouring priest who has a modicum of intelligence will get, as already said, both the sheep and the money whilst he misses out on the first (he won’t care anyway) and on the second (he will).

I am almost sad I do not live in Germany. It would be an interesting experiment and a nice occupation for Saturday mornings; I must confess I see myself enjoying doing it… .


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In Italy, gluttony as a concept is still alive and kicking. When I was at school, the teachers did not hesitate in publicly scolding overweight children – children who in today’s britain would not even be called fat – as “gluttons”, and there was an icy atmosphere in the class as an eight-year-old girl was ruthlessly exposed as an example of wrong behaviour, or a nine-years-old boy as a menace to his own happiness.I remember very, very clearly no one in the same class would have ever thought of branding such scoldings as “insensitive”. Everyone, and I mean everyone, knew they were made out of sincere interest for the health…

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Catholic Church Conservation On The Kirchensteuer

From Catholic Church Conservation, some beautiful lines of comment on the recent Kirchensteuer turmoil.

Cathcon- this gives a whole new meaning to Pay and Go (mobile communications package in the UK and I think beyond).     The next step will be credit card access at turnstiles- he says half-jokingly.  It is morally worse than the sale of indulgences, as while the purchase of an indulgence was a pious act, it was not the only means to salvation.    I have visions of crowds of Germans assisting at Mass in France or other neighbouring lands on a Sunday.

I suggest that the German bishops now proceed to ask the Pope to silence Bishop Huonder, who has unilaterally dismantled the Swiss system (the equivalent of the German Kirchensteuer) and substituted it with voluntary contributions, against the dictum of the Swiss law, and who is on record  with the following statements (translation is mine):

„Noch immer wissen viele nicht, daß die Katholische Kirche als solche für die Mitgliedschaft keine Steuern verlangt und daß sie in fast allen Ländern kein mit der Schweiz vergleichbares Steuersystem kennt.“

“Many still do not know that the Catholic Church as such does not demand any tax for her membership, and that in almost every Country she does not know a tax system comparable with the Swiss one”


  „Auch darf ihnen unter keinen Umständen mit der Verweigerung der Sakramente gedroht werden.“

“In addition, not under any circumstances can they be threatened with the refusal of the Sacraments”.

I wonder who is the real Catholic?

We must pray for the leaders of the German Church and for the Holy Father, a clear accomplice of the German simoniacal troops, and who in his old age is fabricating disasters in rapid succession.


The Thing With The Apologies.

So Paris Hilton has “apologised to her gay friends and their families” for the oh so terrible things said in a taxi about homos being “disgusting” (certainly true, at least if referred to the open, effeminate ones) and probably infected with AIDS (a bit far-fetched, this one, but I got the gist).

It goes without saying that the truth could not remain “un-apologised” for long, but… how much is such an apology worth?

Who on earth can doubt that the woman (I do not call her “lady”, for obvious reasons) really told in the taxi – away from journalists and TVs – what she really thinks? Is there one single person – starting from the alleged “gay friends”, which I imagine not numerous anyway – who thinks the lady made her remarks for… no reason whatever?

What are now the repeated affirmations about how wonderful sodomites are worth? Does really anyone believe the PC theatre?

For once in her lifetime, Paris Hilton has made headlines for the right reasons. This being Paris Hilton, though, the apologies do not come as a surprise.


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