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You only need to click on this article to understand what is wrong with today’s “Telegraph”.

1) The Photo

Taken by Alamy, a professional Data bank, it has clearly been chosen to convey a positive image of sodomy: smiling, likely staged young faces surrounded by the support of the present, and a festive atmosphere. The “Homograph” clearly approves. Faggots.

2) The Caption

Read the usual homosexual language: “gay” instead of sodomite or homosexual; “gay right” as if they existed in the first place; “pioneer” as if the insitutionalisation of sodomy were anything worth “pioneering”. Faggots.

3) The Article

Whilst the article reports some of the criticisms, it has at least two big faults:

a) it does not condemn in the least. Just imagine an article writing about combined marriages in some Muslim country, where the  interviewed says “we’re so proud our human right to decide the fate of our children has been…

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