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Gore Vidal Reblog.

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And so Gore Vidal has at last – as politically incorrect Italians say – stretched his paws. For those who don’t know much about him – and who can blame them? – the chap(ess) was an extremely impressive collection of shortcomings of more or less (generally: more) grave nature: clearly a sympathiser of communism and certainly a left-wing nutcase; a “jewish conspiracy” proposer (actually, a proposer of many conspiracies); obviously an unrepentant poof; an enemy of God; like many of his ilk, a friend of pedophilia and a veiled supporter of statutory rape (his comment on the Polanski affair according to Wikipedia: “I really don’t give a fuck. Look, am I going to sit and weep every time a young hooker feels as though she’s been taken advantage of?”  ). Ah, he was also a sympathiser of the then executed Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. I am sure I am forgetting…

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The “Tablet” Fragments

Over at Linen on the Hedgerow, the continuation of a problem first raised by EF Pastor Emeritus: what to do with the copies of  the “Tablet”, an obvious toxic waste. The question is formulated as follows:

The dilemma grows – what to do with the bulk of (remaindered) Tablets?

You can’t use them as landfill material because of the environmental pollution threat – what can you possibly do with them?

Polite and creative suggestions gratefully received.

Of course, the best solution would be to save the trees and with them our oh so oh endangered oh planet from oh unavoidable oh death…

Failing that, we could put the Tablet fragments in one of those caves used to store nuclear waste.

Mind, though, that we would have to shred the paper very finely. Otherwise we would run the risk of some academically challenged researcher finding them in sixteen or seventeen centuries, and telling us that it can’t be excluded that in the XXI Century the Church had wymyn priests…


“The Church Up Close”

EF Pastor Emeritus reports about a Beautiful Initiative from Rome – actually, from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross – aimed at explaining the Church to journalists all over the world.

For an entire week, 28 journalists have been introduced to the complex – and counter-cultural; at least in theory – Catholic world and have profited for a full immersion in the Vatican corridors, including the Vatican Museum, the Vatican Library, rudiments of Church history and, yes, even a glimpse of the Vatican corridors. I’d personally have kept Father Lombardi out of their way, but I guess it couldn’t be avoided…

One can only praise such an initiative – in its third year already – as the ignorance of many journalists concerning everything Catholic is truly appalling. So appalling, in fact, that when one “researcher” comes out with a fragment of papyrus and says it “could be” that Jesus had a wife, the journalists present do not laugh out loud but even think the concept makes sense, in a way. Go figure.

More of these seminars, please, and keep up the good work.


Reblog of the day

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An interesting fruit of the battle about HHS mandate is the fact it forces the Church in the US to progressively clean herself from the influences of a not-so-glorious past; but in doing so, she runs the risk of her message not being properly understood, or being altogether wrong.

The issue here is religious liberty. There is no doubt in the US:

a) there has historically been a great measure of religious liberty, and

b) this religious liberty is now endangered by the HHS mandate and the Obama troops.

It seems wrong to me to deny that, from the factual point of view, religious liberty has served the Church in the US well. A country originally colonised by hard-line Protestants now has some 70 million Catholics, and I doubt this would have been the case if religious liberty had not been – though nothing is perfect on this earth…

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