Bishop Paprocki Takes Catholicism Seriously

Courtesy of Father Z, this video published from Right Wing Watch, a leftist site aimed at “expossing” the activities of the “extreme Right”. In their innocence, these people must think Bishop Paprocki is “extreme right”, which really says a lot about what them.

Bishop Paprocki’s message is simple: the Democratic party promotes intrinsic evil as a party platform, whilst the Republican party simply doesn’t. There may be  – there certainly are:  just think of the poof division – bad apples within the GOP, but there are no position on which the Republican has a party policy which constitutes intrinsic evil.

I do not know whether this suffices to make of Bishop Paprocki a representative of the “extreme Right”. But I think this is sufficient to say that Bishop Paprocki takes his job seriously. Note at the end he even dares to touch the unspoken tabu of the years Post-Vatican II, and say it very clear that voting for parties promoting intrinsic evil places the salvation of one’s own soul in serious jeopardy.

How very “extreme Right”….


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  1. Bishop Paprocki is standing up for the TRUTH and if the DNC embraced standing up for LIFE and TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE I am SURE that he would be saying the same thing about them! Unfortunately the DNC not only embraces many things that are against the laws of God but over 1/2 of them BOOED God at their convention!

    I wish that MORE Bishops/Archbishops/Priests would follow this act of Bishop Paprocki and let the parishioners know that they can NOT vote for something that is intrinsically evil and jeopardizes their own souls! This next Sunday there are going to be Thousands of Pastors of all Christian Denominations who are going to go against the laws of the IRS and they will speak out from their pulpit and tell people how to vote as a Christian.

    I say GOOD FOR THEM!! Unfortunately we have too many who are so dense they just do NOT get HINTS!!

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