On The Drama of The American Voters… Again

Decidedly, B.O. doesn’t do “Chi Rho”

Punctually after a post of mine expressing the quandary in which the American voters find themselves – an atheist enemy of Christianity, or one who would be pretty much like him if he needed to, and makes a decent Christian President impossible through the “just a bit better than Obama” mentality – Father Z publishes a list from a reader about the many ways in which Obama has shown he is an enemy of  Christianity and, if he really must choose a religion, is obviously biased toward Islam (I think it’s called “change”, or such like…).

The reading is more than impressive, and if I were an American voter would give me some fuel to at least try to rationalise why I am making it impossible to have another strong Conservative ( answer: because I always end up voting for the RINO the Republican elites pose in front of me) and might still be doing the right thing.

If there is such a thing as a state of Christian emergency in the choice of the President, perhaps we are getting near to that point.



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  1. Like I said in my other comments…..Obama is far from what any Catholic could stand up for or hold as a leader of this country! He has proven himself to be an enemy of the church and I just saw today the news that even though the courts gave the church a reprieve in the collecting of fines from not complying with the HHS Mandate, Obama has challenged this and gone back to the courts to appeal their stay! He does NOT give up!

    If you want to see what the REAL plan is you can go to this web-site for more info.
    Obama is not the big honcho in this…..my guess is that it is George Soros who is off now in Europe with his computer and new bride getting ready for all the votes to be sent over to Belgium for the election count in the Soros NWO (New World Order) system.


    THANKS TO FATHER Z for this great LIST! It will be well used for those of us who are trying to open the eyes of the Obama Zombie followers!

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