SSPX-Vatican Talks: What About The Minutes?

Bishop Fellay, the non-Catholic non-Bishop (copyright Mueller 2012) of the SSPX.

Now that the talks between the SSPX and the Vatican have ended, what stays in the way of the publication of the minutes of the meetings? Have they not – unless I am mistaken, which at this time of the day I often am – been more or less promised for a future time? Why not shorten this span now that t is clear there will be no talks? And if the publication of the minutes has not been promised, why hasn’t it?

In my humble opinion, the publication of the minutes would be a great help to Catholics all over the world: it would help them to get into the heart of the controversy, enlarge and deepen their theological horizon, and experience first hand the differences between the Vatican and the SSPX.

They would, perhaps, even help the one or the other to compare the degree of preparedness of the representatives of both sides.

Surely, the Vatican can only profit from publishing what has been said? Surely, their argument must be seen, after careful consideration and attentive study, as the better one?


Oh well, I am afraid we’ll have to wait…


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  1. He who writes minutes, or issues them first, controls the agenda. +Fellay shopuld publish forthwith, hopefully to spike Muller’s guns.

    • I trust the SSPX had their own minutes…

      I am reminded of a delicious episode of “Yes Minister/Yes, Prime Minister” where it was clearly stated that what did not make it in the minutes does not exist… 😉

      But yes, I think the SSPX should publish first. The world should know where the fine Catholics are…


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