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BBC And Jimmy Savile: The Day The Dams Broke.

Do NOT confuse with Savile Row.

It was clear that something huge was happening in the matter of the paedophile pervert known as Jimmy Savile when, hours before the announced broadcast of the ITV documentary, allegations and anecdotes had started to grow like it was the new sport of the autumn.

More importantly, the new allegations were all very precise, and all gave the same portrait and described the same behaviour (the jokes; the Rolls; the hotels; the BBC changing rooms; and the underlying threat coming from the position of power of the man inside the BBC).

Predictably, the dams have now been broken and, predictably, this is only the start. A couple of dozen episodes have come to the light in just a few days. We are talking here of a dead man, and of episodes happened up to several decades ago; it is easy to think that many will prefer to shut up, or have died; also, here there’s no Church or Michael Jackson to blackmail with a clever move Now the Metropolitan Police has taken the lead on a complex investigation that will involve several other police forces around the Country. Against a dead man. At least they have recognised how serious this is.

Amusingly, the BBC is now discovering – in instalments, so to speak – how bad the entire Savile affair was, and have now decided to be officially shocked, and very ready to collaborate with the police now that the place swarms with them.

This would be bad enough if the BBC had been, say, an obscure orphanage in which unspeakable things happened, unbeknownst to the public opinion. But the sad reality is that Savile operated in the same corridors, and was protected by the same hierarchy, who went on for a couple of decades slandering the Church in the most despicable and populist of ways, even to the point of condescendingly implying  that priest celibacy had a role in it (no it had not: homosexual priests had).  

Now, it must be very clear that I do not want to condone or downplay the faults of some among the Church hierarchy in that matter – the biggest fault, of course, the allowing of homosexuals in the seminaries, in the stupid hope that perversions would not generate further perversion; nay, in the satanic conviction that some perversions aren’t perversions at all… – and if I think of the late Pope John Paul The Not-So-Great I could remind my reader of an episode or three that should not have happened at all. Still, I find it tragically amusing that the same organisation  which does not hesitate to slander a body of 400,000 clergymen (an extremely tiny minority of whom, let us remind ourselves, ever even accused, let alone convicted; and in percentages all too similar of those of Anglican clergy and English teachers, if you care to google the facts; comparisons, these last, you will not easily read or hear from the BBC) lived with the filth in their own corridors for decades, and tried to cover it up until, basically, the day before yesterday. 

Truly, there can be no possible excuse for such astonishing hypocrisy. It is as if the Cardinals around the Pope had had a number of twelve-years old  on the side – do not be distracted by the side stories of  “inappropriate touching”: we are talking of libidinous acts with ten and twelve years old here, and even of nights in hotels; without even the elementary decency of keeping it secret within the BBC environment; truly satanic…) for their own personal amusement for decades, and the Pope, knowing all this, had preferred not to see and to thunder against very occasional failures within the BBC instead. God – and my readers – know I am no admirer of either the present or the former Pope; but truly, compared to the BBC fat cats they must be angels.

This is going to stay with us for a while, because the police has made very clear that even if the main suspect is dead the matter is serious enough to be examined very thoroughly. Bad, er, news for the BBC…

The Beeb now faces a major crisis of authority and credibility; not among us sensible people, who have always known what a cesspool they are; but among the mass of the unwitting viewers, still thinking there is something like professional integrity or even unbiased information going on over there. 

What has been going on inside the BBC – and not just in the past, but basically up to two weeks ago – has only one word: omerta’.

Soon George Entwistle will have to drop the last ridiculous defence: the absurd and pathetic claim that the internal Newsnight documentary was shelved for reasons other than the desire to cover up the scandal. The claim is so stupid even Nick Clegg would consider it an insult to his own intelligence.

When this happens, then Mr Entwistle ( a man not new to U-Turns in the last days: he has now magically remembered he knew about the allegations; but only in December, not in the decades before….; oh what a tangled web we weave …) may have to start thinking about a carefully worded letter of resignation allowing him – if he can – to get out of the mess before the tsunami of mud swallows him whole. 

Be it as it may, “Buggers Broadcasting Communism” will probably have to be rephrased in “Buggers Broadcasting Paedophiles”.



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