The Case For Sodomy Laws

What he says.

Imagine one day your Government, following the “call” of the times, would decide that sexual intercourse with animals does not constitute a criminal offence. It is still horrible of course, but it has now been decided that prosecution (with the added expenses) is now not the way anymore.

In just a few years, behaviour once considered criminally perverted would be considered merely disgusting; after a while, purely very strange. Disquieting people would emerge from anonymity, beginning to give themselves as zoophiles names like “smart” or “spiffy”. Soon, they would begin to consider themselves a ” minority”, and the carriers of a “culture”, and this culture would be, of course, “discriminated against” by the “hypocritical” followers of “bourgeois morality”.

Give them just a few years more (the time to infiltrate Hollywood, and be considered “normal” by a generation of people who cannot even remember zoophilia was once a criminal offence) and Bob’s your uncle: they will be accepted. This point – when people start to say “some of my best friends are spiffies” without being ashamed; nay, feeling modern and alternative and “with it” – is the turning of the tide. After a while, calls for “civil partnerships” will be heard, and when one already has a neighbour living with an extremely nice female of German Shepherd it might not sound so absurd at all because the abomination was there, to be seen every day and shamelessly practised under the sun already; after a while, the calls for “marriage” will follow, and those who refuse to congratulate Bella (the German shepherd) and Adam (the English  accountant) for their beautiful relationship will be called, by the then deputy Prime Minister, “bigots”, whilst the Prime Minister of the day will call their “commitment” something “conservative” and give his blessing. In the end, they say, Bella and Adam are “happy”, and how can anyone be so cruel as to be against, oh, oh, “happiness”?

What is this all to do with the so-called “gay marriage”, you will ask?


The debate about the so-called “gay marriage” (which isn’t gay; much less marriage) is not the product of some strange combination of planets; it is the unavoidable consequence of the abolition of sodomy laws. How was it not to be expected that the toleration of perversion would not, in time, lead to calls for its normalisation? One can’t be half against abominations. Either one refuses them altogether as taboos, or one will be forced to “include” what he is afraid to condemn. 

Our forefathers, much smarter than we are and with no false gods of tolerance at all costs, knew this. We know this ourselves  when some types of sexual perversions (paedophilia, say) are concerned. But again, after only one and a half generation without sodomy laws many people would struggle to even link the two and put them in the same ballpark, which countless generations before us did without any problem. This happens because, as I have often repeated, the laws of one generations are the morality of the following one. Those legislators who decriminalised sodomy in the Sixties certainly did not favour the so-called “gay marriage”, but clearly did not think this through. We now pay the consequences of their folly, and it might be a long time before sanity (and with it sodomy laws) returns.  

We live in such senselessly stupid times that we have lost sight for elementary truths just because they impact some neighbour or colleague or “friend”. God is not part of the picture anymore, and no average “British Neighbour” wonders anymore whether he must really tolerate scandalous perversion out of his own front door. This happens, because he has not been taught to call a spade a spade; and whilst he feels all the disgust he has no heart to say what he thinks, lest he should appear a Neanderthaler in the eyes of his neighbours; many of whom, no doubt, think exactly as he does.

This cycle of cowardice  – which generates more homo screaming; which generates more cowardice – has to stop. It has to stop if we want to go back to basic Christianity and elementary decency, instead of allowing Satan to manipulate us everywhere whilst we say to our friends how modern and tolerant we are.

So-called “gay” (I’d love to see the suicide statistics of such “gay” people) “marriage” is not fought against saying that civil partnership is enough of a civil right, because this invites the problem rather than avoiding it. If perversion is right, why should only half perversion be accepted? Isn’t the very institution of “civil partnership” the statement that sexual perversion is absolutely normal? If it’s normal, what’s the fuss?

So-called “gay marriage” is fought against by calling s spade a spade, and a pervert a pervert, not by giving perverts almost full recognition and then telling them they are ok, but really, they should not ask to be treated as such.

Bring back the sodomy laws.


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  1. I’m all for bringing back the sodomy laws. Sodomites are vicious, warped, evil creatures. They practice brutality upon their fellow men and on animals. My Chow-Chow was a near victim of such a creep several months ago. Thankfully, she fought back, and chased the pervert out of the yard before he could do anything with the sex toy he dropped on his way out. When I fond it several days later while mowing the grass, I thought it was a flashlight at first. When it started vibrating when I turned it on, I realized it wasn’t a flashlight. Man, that was a shocker!

    • Seriously, Stephen? Had the chap trespassed to attack the dog?

      But then again, this is what happens when perversion is seen as normality…


    • Hey yeah, I’m serious! I live in the country and sadly enough, with an abundance of animals available, zoophila happens quite often. If I even catch any idiot trying to ‘mate’ with my Chow in the future, he better be able to outrun my dog, a 12-gauge shot-gun, and a 22 caliber Taurus pistol!

    • Well said, Sir!

      (Still shocked, though…)


  2. As I live in the country as well, I’m horrified – a splendid article Mundabor. I don’t think it’s a lost cause – I was talking to some of my old school friends about it last night and they all agree that sodomy should be outlawed – frankly, the young, I think, are the friends of tradition (Card. Burke, the many young families who attend ICRSS, FSSP and SSPX) not the thankfully aging pack of heretics, apostates and outright blasphemers of Conciliar days – Bugnini is dead already, and in the spirit of true charity, not the hand-wringing that passes for it, I hope we shall soon be rid of them all. I hold out hope for another Catholic Renaissance and Counter-Reformation when all the liberal-modernist old guard are dead.

    Sodomy is abominable. Simply abominable, the very idea of it makes me feel sick.Wherever it becomes prevalent – in Ancient Rome, in Sparta, the society where the canker sets in is one so emasculated it will be destroyed by something more virile. We need, and I pray we shall, cut this cancer out of Christendom.

  3. Beautiful comment as always, Duns. Apologies I have published it and then forgotten to go back and comment on it.
    I am glad to see some of your young friends think properly in the matter. They might not be representative of their generation, but in time the pendulum will hopefully swing the right way…


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