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Joe Biden Misses An Entire Holocaust

Joe Biden’s speechwriter, Neil Kinnock.

Besides laughing himself an awful lot, fraud-Catholic Joe Biden is always good for a laugh.

During the recent vice-presidential debate, this worthy successor of Al Gore told a worldwide audience Planned Parenthood is not allowed to perform abortions. The official Planned Nazihood sources state the number of abortions carried out in the last three years of available data in around one million.

One million. Out of my sleeves, this is many times what is necessary to classify an event as “genocide” if not in the technical meaning of the word, at least in the common parlance. It is also around the number of inhabitants of Bologna, Florence and Venice together. Not “bad” for Nazis who aren’t allowed to perform abortion. By the way, I’d say an abortion is committed, not performed, but that’s just me…

Of course, Biden Boy was probably plagiarising the wrong speech again, and possibly wanted to say Planned Nazihood cannot directly use public funds to carry out abortions; but the difference about the two concepts is so big that I do not know which case lets him look more stupid. Perhaps he needs a teleprompter.

Ah, our Joe. Always good for a laugh.


Al Smith Dinner: Cardinal Dolan Tries To Be On Both Sides At The Same Time.

I agree.

The notorious Al Smith dinner approaches, and the shortsighted (someone would say: cowardly; count me among them) decision to invite the President does not stop making waves.
Let us examine again the reason brought forward to justify the invitation: it is better to talk than to criticise from far away.
Is it? Really? Are Satanists invited to the dinner? What about militant atheists and rabid “homosexualists”? Will a chosen selection of Church-persecuting Chinese leaders be of the party? Oh well…
Cardinal Dolan knows perfectly well that an invitation is an honour and a tribute. He merely conveniently forgets this simple fact of life to try to sell the rather stale ware of “dialogue” with hardened enemies of the Church.
You clearly see the weakness and ineffectiveness of the modern Church at her utter inability to wage war to anyone, though this clearly proved not very effective in reducing the number and virulence of Her enemies. Now that the dinner approaches and the Cardinal gets the flak from every corner, he lets it be known – through the usual “sources close to”; it reminds one of “The thick of it” – that he has some doubts about whether the invitation was such a smart move, and that it might well be that Barry Boy is merely after the photo-op and the general “friends of the Catholic” aura.
You don’t say, Your grace? This is an astonishing, revolutionary thought indeed! What might have occasioned such a profound conclusion?
Perhaps the fact that Obama’s victory is not so sure as it used to look at the time of the invitation? Or the desire to let absolutely everyone believe you are on their side?
O for prelates who do not try to satisfy everyone, and do not look for proximity to the powerful.

Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

“The truth is that this particular Council defined no dogma at all, and deliberately chose to remain on a modest level, as a merely pastoral council; and yet many treat it as though it had made itself into a sort of ‘superdogma’ which takes away the importance of all the rest.”

These words, pronounced by the then Cardinal Ratzinger in 1988, are the starting point of an interesting blog post on Rorate Caeli, centred on the end of the myth of the Religion of V II.

Whilst I disagree with the author’s point that “from now on, one may be of the Church without holding on to the controversial points of Vatican II ” (this has clearly always been the case, with the exception of liberal nutcases and outright heretics), it can’t be put into question that the climate which tended to define the Church as shaped in the…

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Great Man, Great Soldier, And Great Priest: Father Capodanno.

Courtesy of TFP Student Action, a beautiful video and story. Visit the site to see the video.

A photo and some excerpt from the site:

Fr. Capodanno in the field

He shared his salary, rations and cigarettes with anyone in need. He could always be counted upon for a cold soda or a book from his reading library. When Christmas came around and soldiers felt forgotten, Father Vincent saw to it that no Marine was without gifts which he obtained through a relentless campaign from friends and organizations all over the world.

More importantly, he heard confessions for hours on end, instructed converts, and administered the sacraments. His granting of General Absolution before battle unburdened the consciences of the Marines and instilled in them the courage to fight. His mere presence in a unit was enough to lift the morale of all on patrol.

When men died, he was at their side so they would not die alone. He gave them Last Rites encouraging them to repent and persevere. In addition, he wrote countless letters of personal condolence to parents of wounded and dead Marines and offered solid grounding and hope to fellow Marines who lost friends.

When the pseudo-peace movement began to oppose the war
, Fr. Vincent raised the spirits of demoralized soldiers in the field. He encouraged his men to oppose that same brutal communist system, which still oppresses Vietnam today.


However, it was in battle where Father Capodanno excelled and inspired. He would find out from friends in military intelligence which unit was most likely to encounter the heaviest contact and volunteer for those assignments.

Marines would find him walking dangerous perimeters and keeping company with them in distant jungle outposts. The Grunt Padre could be seen leaping out of a helicopter in the midst of battle. He would care for the wounded, bless troops, and give Communion to Catholics, before taking off for another battle zone.
When his tour of duty came to an end, he obtained an extension. Despite the prosaic conditions of battle and an ecumenical chaplain corps, nothing could turn him away from his burning desire to give everything in the service of God, the Church and his men.


Although wounded three times in the course of the battle, Fr. Capodanno refused to be medi-vacked [=evacuated by air transport, n.d.r.]. Like a ray of hope in the midst of the storm, he went up and down the line caring for the wounded and anointing the dying.

During the fierce fighting, the chaplain spotted a wounded corpsman hit by a burst of automatic fire and unable to move. Fr. Capodanno ran to his aid and began to care for his wounds. A Viet Cong machine gunner opened fire. With 27 bullet wounds in his spine, neck, and head, the Grunt Padre fell in battle, serving his men to the end.

All over Vietnam, the Marines mourned their Padre.


Despite the pacifist objections of 73 Maryknoll priests, brothers and seminarians, the Navy commissioned a destroyer escort in 1973: the U.S.S. Capodanno. Numerous other memorials and statues have gone up in his memory.


Isn’t there some discordant note in this beautiful story? It begins with M…

I haven’t many doubts (though of course it is not for me to say) where Father Capodanno (Italian for “New Year’s Day”, a typical day of hope for poor Italian immigrants and certainly adopted as new family name for a reason) now is.

I have some doubts more for the 73 Maryknoll chaps, though.

U.S.S. Capodanno. It sounds really good…


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