Joe Biden Misses An Entire Holocaust

Joe Biden’s speechwriter, Neil Kinnock.

Besides laughing himself an awful lot, fraud-Catholic Joe Biden is always good for a laugh.

During the recent vice-presidential debate, this worthy successor of Al Gore told a worldwide audience Planned Parenthood is not allowed to perform abortions. The official Planned Nazihood sources state the number of abortions carried out in the last three years of available data in around one million.

One million. Out of my sleeves, this is many times what is necessary to classify an event as “genocide” if not in the technical meaning of the word, at least in the common parlance. It is also around the number of inhabitants of Bologna, Florence and Venice together. Not “bad” for Nazis who aren’t allowed to perform abortion. By the way, I’d say an abortion is committed, not performed, but that’s just me…

Of course, Biden Boy was probably plagiarising the wrong speech again, and possibly wanted to say Planned Nazihood cannot directly use public funds to carry out abortions; but the difference about the two concepts is so big that I do not know which case lets him look more stupid. Perhaps he needs a teleprompter.

Ah, our Joe. Always good for a laugh.


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  1. Mundabor….all of us couldn’t believe what came out of his mouth! You have to wonder how anyone would feel good about this guy being President if Obama bit the dust! I read today in the Catholic News that when he went to Colorado Springs the Archbishop told him that if he tried to come and take communion he would be denied. Thanks be to GOD someone had the nerve to stand up to one of these pretend Catholics! Maybe someone should take him on a TOUR of a Planned Parenthood Facility to show him just what goes on there!

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