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Paedophiles’ madness reblog

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Yours truly has often written that if one accepts to be “inclusive” of the lifestyle of a sodomite it is difficult to see how those who have an attraction for a very young (and assenting) boy or girl (or for a dog, or for a ship, obviously with no “violence”) should be denied “inclusiveness” and see their “differences” “embraced”.

Predictably, the pedophiles have now taken the same road as the homosexuals (though you must be aware in not infrequent cases the two categories coincide, to the point that very many pedophiles are homosexual. If you don;t believe me, ask your bishop…) and demand to be considered “minor attracted people”.

As the latter definition is rather long, they will soon come to the idea of giving themselves some good-souding name. “Gay” being already taken, they will probably choose “smart”, or “happy”, or whatever else is one word long and sounds positive…

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Reblog of the day

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This blog post here is a beautiful example of everything that is wrong with the blasphemous concoction of victimhood and passive-aggressive heresy nowadays going under the name of “progressive Catholicism”. It is, therefore, unsurprising the blog post would come from a “Tablet” contributor.

The lady is then, one day, told that her son is bent. Her reaction?

“complete acceptance on my part and happiness that my son had felt able to tell me; anxiety, knowing the negative reaction he would no doubt receive from some other people”.

Complete… what? If her son had told her he is a paedophile, or a zoophile, would she have been “accepting”? If no, why on earth? If it’s not about perversion, but about “acceptance” we should be “accepting” of everything under the sun, surely? But no, the boy being her son, he must clearly be above criticism. It is the others, those evil…

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