Lie Down With Dogs…

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  1. It’s nice to know that Cdl. Dolan can have a good laugh with the USA’s top Anti-Christ.

  2. I can’t TELL you how much this HURT those of us who battle to put and end to abortion and the right to life from conception to natural death. Not to mention speak that we out against Gay Marriage and stand up against the HHS Mandate.

    There are thousands of faithful Catholics who are FASTING and PRAYING right now for the elections and for a turn in our country to Godly values. Seeing Cardinal Dolan Hob Nobbing with the man who is responsible for killing millions of babies world wide through his pro-active support of Planned Parenthood, and knowing that he voted while in the Senate that if an aborted baby survives to put it on a shelf and let it die….was like watching Dolan laughing it up with Hitler after he exterminated millions of Jews and other people!

    What can we do? We pleaded and signed petitions and wrote letters asking him NOT to do this but he did not seem to care. I personally feel that it seems that Cardinal Dolan likes being popular with EVERYONE but that cannot always happen! Even JESUS called out the Religious leaders for their sins and did NOT sit down and dine with them at a GALA Banquet!

    Cardinal Dolan tweeted yesterday before the event “If I only sat down with people who agreed with me, and I with them, or with those who were saints, I’d be taking all my meals alone.” to which I told him “NOT SO CARDINAL!” There is a difference in having a meal with someone you do not agree with and Having the Arch Enemy of the Church who is a purveyor of Intrinsic Evil to a Gala Dinner and allow him to be a keynote speaker! Jesus would NEVER have done this!” A private meal at home while you share the truth of God with them sure………NOT a GALA Dinner while the flock you Shepherd is fasting and praying for the exact causes that this man is championing!

    I really do wonder unfortunately about Cardinal Dolan and just how far left is he.

    • I agree with you, Elizabeth.
      I do not know how much “left” has to do with it. I’d say, again, the desire to be seen as at the top, friend of everyone, and the pal of the powerful did it for him.

      Jesus would have treated Obama to a bit of cord whip. Dolan evidently created the condition for photo opportunities allowing Obama to use him.

      By the way, no one asked him to eat alone. Merely not to invite Obama. The argument does not stand.


  3. It’s all said and done and has done great damage to the cause of the Church. Buffoonery is the face of Catholicism in the Public Square.

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