Bishop Williamson Now Officially Excluded From The SSPX

Bit of a headache, in fact…

Punctually on the day in which it was expected, the announcement of Bishop Williamson’s exclusion from the SSPX has arrived. I have already written about how I personally see things and will not bore you a second time; I do hope, though, that the tones remain halfway courteous – I do not mean sugary and hypocritical, but not openly insulting- at least in public.

Strong minds will have strong opinions, and passionate people will unavoidably have strong feelings about this. But even the Italian Commies managed to split without a public and open war of insults.

Let’s hope and pray.


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  1. Why did he not just opt for retirement and avoid the acrimony of both sides?

    Not the man I suppose!

    • I am certainly not angry at him for being such a warrior. I only think he has picked the wrong enemy. I suspect behind this there are personal differences, with one of the four Bishops more and more marginalised and feeling “neglected”, perhaps unwisely punished for his – stupid, if you ask me – holocaust fixation and as a result more and more sliding towards an intransigence that looks not very wise to these eyes.

      Still, I’d have him rather than most England & Wales bishops every day of the week…


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