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Pro-Choice Nazism Explained.


The article here is a beautiful explanation of everything that is Nazi in the liberal mentality.

You see, it is not that the Nazis hated children or old people qua people. They certainly welcomed a baby if he/she was wanted (say: Aryan, or simply wanted), and certainly did not have anything against independent old people without need for extensive medical care.

They were, as every human being, very loving of their …loved ones.

The same happens with the modern Nazis, the feminists/ liberal “pro-choice” crowd. An unborn child is either a baby or a “woman’s health issue” according to whether they have, in their Nazi goodness, conferred on him the title and status of “human being”.

“How is your baby?” asks, no doubt, our “pro-choice” Yoko to her friend expecting a child she wants. In this case, it is undoubtedly a baby, already enrolled among the ranks of future peace activist and global warming nutcases.

In the other case a saw, a mallet or similarly gentle devices will take care of the baby, whose human dignity will instantly be all but forgotten.

If this isn’t Nazi thinking, I can’t recognise a Michelle Obama when I see one.


It’s So Simple, You Only Need 16 Seconds!

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