Michelle Obama Redefines The Word “Nazi”

Remove the moustache, and you’ll find Michelle Obama underneath.

An old letter has resurfaced, in which the worst first lady ever takes a stance on child killing that would make Heinrich Himmler shiver.

You can read the letter here. Please note the woman (“lady” is, I am afraid, too much) does not even accepts the use of the words “partial birth”,  which she evidently considers too politically incorrect as it reminds one that someone is being born, and there is a life at stake. Birth is clearly not a worry here; “legitimate medical procedure” is the expression of choice. With this reasoning, if the law allowed for old people to be smashed to trees like new-born kittens, this would be a “legitimate medical procedure” to her. 

As the concept of “birth” must be kept away from the reader’s mind, the  woman prefers to use the words “so-called partial birth abortion”. Not really a birth, then. An unwanted excrescence, more like.

I think “late term abortion” is the expression she is looking for. Funny, that. I can imagine people like her 1) advocating the right for the mother to kill the baby in the first, say, four weeks after birth and 2) calling it “very late term abortion”. The logic is exactly the same.

I wonder if even Nazis went so far as to perform abortion up to the very point of birth. Perhaps yes, perhaps not. It certainly stretches things even for your average Nazi doctor.

Also, it is true that horrible experiments were conducted by Nazi doctors in extermination camps and elsewhere, but it is time to notice all this was made on the sly, without telling the German population. 

Michelle Obama does not seem to have this problem. To her, a child can be butchered when half come to light (actually, as far as I know even when come to light altogether; they just leave the baby to die of cold, and still call it “late term abortion”) and this is something that can be said very openly and written in promotional literature, taking pride in the matter.

Seriously, Hitler can’t hold a candle to this woman.


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  1. Weirdness and blackheartedness runs in Michelle’s family. Her mother practices Santeria, a form of voodoo. Google “Michele Obama’s Mother Practices Voodoo” and yo will get an eyefull.

    • Ah, Santeria, I have heard of it, Haitian thing I thought.

      The woman is truly chilling. That she may be considered so highly from feminazis does.. not surprise me..


  2. Voodoo is the Haitian version of Juju, the indigenous religion of Sub-Saharan Africa. Santeria is the Caribbean version of voodoo.

    • Thanks, Stephen.
      These things should be discussed more in the days leading to the elections… I do not blame Michelle Obama for her mother’s paganism, but it seems to me it give a ore accurate picture of the family environment..


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