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Can’t remember last time I read such beautiful words from a Bishop.

The first part, about Christ’s resurrection, is beautiful enough. But this part, I had read and heard already.

What I was not prepared for, is the barrage of the most orthodox, and most uncompromising Catholic cannons against the evil forces of our time, led by “Mr. Change” himself.

If I think that only some months ago many US bishops were timorous of speaking about matters which might have construed as “political” (that is: pretty much everything besides the need of being nice to the neighbour’s dog), the shift in attitude is nothing less than astonishing.  May it be that Bishop Jenky was rather blunt in times past, this is still a sign of things to come.

Bishop Jenky is saying very plainly that the Church is now at war with the Obama administration and the enemies of…

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  1. BEAUTIFUL….thanks so much for sharing! I truly believe that it is almost a NEED for the Church to go through persecution in order for it to wake up out of it’s sleep and for the blood of Martyrs to be the seed of conversions in our world. I also know that so many people seem to be dense and deluded that you really have to say the NAME of the Candidate who is pro-life and pro-religious freedom. Dropping hints just does not seem to do it for people anymore!

    • Alas, that’s another big problem, Elizabeth….

      the extent many people will go to tell to themselves that what the bishop has said does not really concern their situation personally

      Jenky is, if you ask me, one of the very best.


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