Christmas Madness

It’s Christmas in Blighty…

I had noticed already that Christmas has become  more and more a commercial exercise here in Blighty, but I was not prepared for what happened very recently.
Walking out of a well-frequented train station I saw some young people dressed as Father Christmas and distributing mince pies, a typical Christmas fare these parts. Of course, this was far too early in the year considering we still write October; but this is not even the beginning of the mess.

Together with the mince-pie leaflets were distributed, and a company was promoting its own Christmas offer. You’d think Christmas Caroles, and pudding, and punch, and all that.


What they were promoting was a sort of “fun day” for groups of people obviously unaware ( or uncaring) of what Christmas is about in the first place. There was a disco-entertainment being offered before the eating and various other utterly profane activities. I threw the thing straight in the next bin with a somewhat energetic movement; too late I realised the leaflet would have been, on reflection, occasion for some entertaining remarks on the blog.

This simply gives you the full measure of the point things have come to.


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  1. Horrible, and typical commercialisation. I have linked from my Google blog, where ther is a story of my own.

  2. Sorry – “there”!

  3. Welcome to the club,Mund. This kind of stuff has been going on in America for years.

  4. Mundabor i I have (1) Leftfooter here on WordPress,(dormant) (2) Left-footer.blogspot, (3) The Hermeneutic of Cool.blogspot. There are also (4) The League of Torquemada.blogspot (dormant) and some others in the blogspot sidebar.

    Sorry to have caused confusion.

  5. Entire “Holiday” displays are up at Macy’s everywhere–there is great care NOT to call them Christmas displays. Many call decorated evergreens (real or fake) “holiday trees”. Your office cannot host a “Christmas Party” anymore, it’s a “Holiday Party”. This “Holiday” business is slowly creeping into the consciousness of all–to say the dirty word “Christmas” is so politically incorrect.

    My mailbox is being inundated with at least a half dozen catalogs daily with “holiday” goods for sale. Holiday hams, trees, ornaments, etc. Yes, this has been going on for many years here in the states, but the horror at the word “Christmas” is a new phenomenon, about 3-4 years old. I kid you not.

    • This is socking, Akita-ette.

      Even here in England some PC idiots tries with “Winter lights” and the like, and everyone protested, even the Muslims! (in this country when the muslim protest the PC crowd instantly shuts up), so we have “Christmas” (as a word, at least) everywhere, though they think one can celebrate it with a disco party….

      What disutrbs me, is that the “Christmas Cards” now tend to avoid the word “Christmas”…

      As to the calendars etc., what about answerign to them and saying “I do not but any Christmas item which is not defined as such”…

      Perhaps someone with a big blog should launch a campaign on the internet to have this “holiday” madness eradicated?


  6. Mundabor – The black one is the main, and mainly serious, one. I have now put up pictures of the Black Madonna and of my personal hero, King Jan Sobieski III, who defeated the Turks at Vienna in 1683. He was also the great-grandfather of another of my heroes, Bonnie Prince Charlie, who was, sadly, less than successful.

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