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Hurricane Sandy: You Are In Our Prayers

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for those affected.

As a vast and scary natural phenomenon ( “Act of God”, I think the Americans used to say; it is probably un-PC nowadays to say so) is approaching the coast of New Jersey, I would like to assure those affected that they are in the thought and prayers of many the other side of the Pond, where the matter is followed with apprehension.

Thought this might not be the best moment to say it, it cannot be denied that such events are a sobering reminder of how little we are , and how fragile our entire earthly permanence is.

Certus an, incertus quando.

It applies to everyone, even those with the luxury of praying for those affected from the comfort of a boring, mildly rainy evening.


The Siege of Vienna reblog

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In the last days another, less-remembered anniversary occurred: on the 11 and 12 September 1683 a decisive battle was won to protect Vienna from a second Ottoman assault (a first siege had been attempted in 1529).

The Ottomans had arrived to Vienna (well protected, but badly manned) on the 14th July with an army 150,000 strong (butthey might have been up to double as much) and had asked for surrender. But this being the religion of peace, surrender was never a very safe matter: just some days before, the little fortified city of Perchtolsdorf had been destroyed after surrender, with many of his inhabitants killed or enslaved. The commander of the Austrian defenders, Count von Starhemberg, was not what you’d call a wimp. He refused to surrender and led the strenuous defence of the city for the following almost two months, a time marked by great deprivations and many a…

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