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Norway Cuts Taxpayers’ Money For Gender Madness

Norway was extremely excited at the discovery of hot water.

You would not believe Norway is a country where people can still think in a halfway reasonable way (try here or here for examples) but apparently they do.

It says here on Kreuz.net, the biggest Catholic internet site in Europe (much-hated from the German bishops who are now trying to ally themselves to sodomites to try to get rid of them; from their friends you’ll recognise them) that in Norway “gender madness”  had come to such an extent that there were people walking around and thinking along the line that the only difference between men and women lies in their…. reproduction organs. One of the gender morons actually said so verbatim.

This obvious stupidity did not escape a Norwegian comedian, Harald Eia. Being one of those still able to think with his own head, he interviewed several of them and made of it a TV programme, part of a series called “brainwash”. Norway is, interestingly, one of those countries where the separation between “men” and “women” jobs is still very much marked, notwithstanding decades of gender neutral indoctrination; so they noticed.    

Following the broadcast of the TV programme in February 2011, further “research” was commissioned, and hot water finally discovered: little boys and girls have innate different behaviour from a very tender age, before being able to speak and to be “indoctrinated” by the sexist macho world outside (in Norway; think that…).

This is pure common sense to normal people, like you and I, and every kindergarten will allow you to observe (if you don’t remember yours) that no four or five years old child can have been so “indoctrinated” as to be, at his age, so markedly a boy or a girl as most of them already are.

But we aren’t Norwegians, you see; they need more research.

The “Nordic Gender Institute” targeted by Mr Eia is a creature – and an expense – of the Nordic Council, a kind of “Nordic Community” on the style of the old CEE (before it became another madness, the EU).

The interesting news is that the Nordic Council has now decided to simply shut down  the “Nordic Gender Institute”. From the end of this year, the gender cretins will have to do damage somewhere else.

Perhaps I am being too optimistic here, but it seems to me that the signs are multiplying that something like a slow awakening is now taking place, and sanity here and there coming to the fore. The “Coalition for marriage” in the UK is the biggest popular slap ever given to a Government and whilst the battle still rages, victory is now a concrete possibility; the debate on so-called “gay marriage” in the US is furious, and the Church begins to mobilise in the right direction, which in time will not fail to bring fruits; always in the UK, the political correct stupidity of the “hate speech” is being vigorously targeted, and Anne Widdecombe  has explained so well – in front of an audience of angry Conservatives – how our faggot-friendly PM is trying to kill our freedom in the name of political correctness and sexual perversion. 

We shall see, but it seems to me we might be at the turning of the tide.

In the longer term, may I suggest some further improvement.


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This rather astonishingly (for normal people, I mean) article/contribution from NOT one of the people analysed by Prof. Regnerus in his study (I have written recently about it) but one who came in contact with him does in my eyes merit our attention. It does it because its mixture of common sense in some things and refusal to see elementary reality in some other is a very real warning about the – self-admitted – confusion of all kind in which people raised at some point of their young lives by so-called “same sex” parent experience. Note how a kind of schizophrenia goes through the entire article and reasoning, nay, through the entire emotional world of this man, in a continuous oscillation between a slowly found normality of thinking and the clinging to ways of reasoning instilled by the perverted environment he grew up in. The long phase of whining about…

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