Three Cheers For Cardinal O’Brien, Christian Of The Year!



The pervert organisation “Stonewall” has honoured Cardinal O’Brien with the “Bigot of the Year” award, as EF Pastor Emeritus reports.

I invite all right-thinking readers of this blog to join me in my congratulations to the Cardinal for this well-deserved achievement. I cannot imagine a more telling evidence of his Christian spirit, and will to fight the good fight in the face of perverted bigotry.

His Grace will be proud, no doubt.

Perhaps the day will come when even simple bloggers – like yours truly – will be able to aspire to such high honours. For the moment, the prize seems to be the monopoly of high-profile figures. I also hope that in the coming years, Catholic personalities will monopolise this prize.

Well done, Your Grace! Your colleague Vincent “Quisling” Nichols certainly does not run any risk of winning such an award!

Keep them coming, Stonewall!


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  1. Cardinal O’Brien’s stance on this issue is certainly very welcome. Pity he’s not too sound on the EF.

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