The “Personally Opposed” and The Holocaust

This is the reality of the Western world every day. You just don’t get to see the corpses.

Imagine a friend of yours, or a politician, or a colleague would tell you “I am personally opposed to the Ku Klux Klan, but I do not want to impose my views on others”. No doubt, the person so speaking would feel very “democratic” and ” tolerant”, whilst at the same time donning the white robe of “goodness”, or even Catholic ” orthodoxy”.
Still, you would probably feel compelled to tell him that am intrinsic evil cannot be so easily set aside by remaining “personally opposed” to it whilst looking on as the evil spreads.

Everyone understands this, and no one would ever dream of approving of a politician who expressed himself as ” personally opposed” to the Holocaust, racial discrimination at work, or the killing of babies….


… how was that?….

The killing of babies?

The Holocaust?

Actually, the excuse of being “personally opposed”  to the killing of babies whilst looking on as a Holocaust of babies takes place is used every day, not only in old Europe but, more importantly for us, in the old U S of A, the hen and – alas – protector of us all.

It does not happen very often that a citizen is allowed to let his vote speak. But every couple of years or so, an US citizen has the possibility of sending a clear message. this time the possibility is massive, with President, the entire House, one-third of the Senate, several Governors and countless state assembly members to be elected.

It would be good if every US Catholic (or Christian, come to that) would examine all the options on his table and decide he will not, under any circumstance, vote for a candidate who supports abortion, so – called Gay marriages or is even vaguely favourable to euthanasia ” in certain circumstances” (it always begins with “certain circumstances”, but extreme cases make bad laws). Not-on-any-account.

I am not only thinking  of the Presidential race here, but also of the countless other members of the US political personnel to be selected. A President is mot am Emperor, and politics is made – and the centre of gravity of politics is shifted – at a local level too; in fact, it can be said no President can avoid taking account of what happens on the local level, if he has his reelection dear.

Therefore, please look at next week’s election as a big picture of which the presidential race is merely the bigger component. If the message    starts spreading that pro-choice and pro-pervert politicians have a hard life building their careers in the first place,  you’ll see how fast the issues disappear from the political scene.

Cut the evil at the root. Start punishing your evil politician at every level.


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