“Resistere, Resistere, Resistere!”

I disagree with Voris’ in my eyes too extreme vision: Civilisation is practically at an end, abortion is not going to go away, the country is in the grasp of evil, & Co.

If you ask me, life is battle and there has never been an age where it wasn’t, and in a tragic way I feel privileged in being able to fight a fight many of my predecessors were spared from having to fight. God acts in mysterious ways.

Still, Voris is in my eyes spot on in saying that the 40-years long silence of the Church was certainly instrumental in what we are seeing today, and I think a process must be started now which might be very long in coming, but must be started anyway. The condemnation of the Guffawing Cardinal after 10:00 is certainly well-deserved, and the attitude epitomises everything that must be changed.

Catholic instruction and the support of sound priest must be the start of the answer, but in the long term the change can only come when the Pope starts appointing real men instead of frightened boys as Bishops.

I would have thought the possibly incoming persecution might wake them up, but I doubt it. Persecution will hit those faithful priests who have the gut to resist to the point of inviting persecution; the majority will bow to whatever attack, and find excuses for that.

I will write my thoughts on single aspects of the election by and by, as the matter is too complex to be tackled in one post.

I would like to remind anyone of the beautiful words a famous Italian prosecutor pronounced when he retired:

“Resistere, resistere, resistere!”


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  1. I tend to agree with Voorhees in this manner…..yes there have been other times where the culture has collapsed such as in the time of the greatness of the Roman Empire……but usually it is for similar reasons. I don’t know about you but when I was growing up in California in the 1950’s to 1970’s the world was an entirely different place! As a child we could leave things outside and our doors UN-locked and not worry about anyone touching things or entering our home. When people talked about “gays” they used the word FAIRY and GAY meant HAPPY. Smoking meant cigarettes, cigars or pipes, and getting HIGH was taking hikes up in the mountains.

    Most people had good morals even if they were not religious Jews or Christians. They knew to treat people with courtesy and kindness and to not touch what was not yours. Then the 60’s set in and the drug culture and things began to change. We had to start locking our doors even when we were at home and nothing of value could be left out in your yard or it would not be there the next day. Drugs and loose sex became prevalent and started to change the make up of our safe, friendly society.

    The town I grew up in always had it’s rich and poor but was made up mostly of middle class families. Now that same town is MOSTLY rich and very few of the middle class. The poor have been relegated to living 1 to 2 hours away and driving in to work as most of the properties are so expensive only the rich can afford them. Most homes (even small 2 bedroom with no yards) sell for at least 1 Million thus placing the middle class into the poorer apartments and condos.

    With this culture has come the values of the people who come from larger major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and they bring their values which do not include God or even knowing how to say “hello” to a person. Sad to say that by the time I was 50 I was GLAD to leave it all behind for greener pastures in Tennessee! Here I have 5 acres with a home and an apartment, green pastures year round with mountain views, fresh air and my neighbors and even strangers not only say “Hello” but reach out to help. All this for the grand price of $318,000……..!!! We have churches on almost every corner, a majority of people do NOT WORK on SUNDAY and actually spend time with their families!

    I feel almost like I am back in the 60’s again but for how long we will have this I do not know!

    • My experiences are similar to yours, but not identical.

      Small theft was a problem in Italy when I grew up; mostly drug addicted, gipsies, or the usual professionals.

      But the way of seeing life was different. The family ties were stronger (still very strong in Italy, but not so strong); homosexuals were generally referred to as “raffreddati” (this is one with a cold, obvious reference to the nasal inflexion), but the matter was largely taboo, like zoophilia today (for how long…).

      There was a much better idea of “propriety”, of what is “allowed”, of the “example” we gave to others. All these things are still rather strong in Italy, but one can see the difference.

      Where the real shocking difference is, is here in the UK. This country is truly screwed, and I mean screwed… the religion of “niceness” is everywhere, and has largely replaced Christianity. Seems a joke, but it isn’t.


  2. I’d replace “niceness” for “relativity” in that yes the Brits are “nice” with everyone but what drives it is the Relativity! “oh good dear, whatever is nice for you, dear”……

    Just saw Rick Santorum interviewed last night on Fox News Greta VanSusteren’s show ON THE RECORD. (He was MY choice for President but didn’t make it past the primaries)……he was saying that the MAIN PROBLEM with our horrible economics is the breakdown of the family unit. The divorces and the women having children out of wed-lock (I think some 40% now in the US) is creating a entire culture of “poor” and ones that need government assistance.

    Rick said if we focus on creating solid Families and especially the inner city ones, that will bring them up from the poverty level and help everyone. This is also what is the problem with so much crime and indifference! We cannot control this all by Government Regulations but the CHRISTIANS (especially the Catholic Christians) should be out evangelizing and touching the world for Christ one by one. We have for over 20 years dropped the ball with being exclusive and poor catechism for too long! NOW we are paying the price!

    • I agree, Elizabeth.

      Even in higher income cohorts, I think the relationship between marriage (as in: no divorce) and wealth is statistically proved. A divorce is an expensive mess besides being extremely disruptive of the children and the lives of the ones involved. The stupidity of modern societies is beyond belief.


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