The End Is Not Nigh

Thanks, Cardinal! Signed: Barack Obama.

After the election, it is perhaps useful to take stand and see where we are on a couple of things. These are only short reflections I throw in the field now and will be developed in the future:

1) President.

The evil, satanic man has won against the tepid opportunist so many did not want as a candidate. I’d have preferred it if the race had gone the other way, but I think those who have picked Romney as candidate have only to blame themselves for this defeat, and have absolutely no right to demand everyone votes for the bad candidate just because the opponent is worse. This is the GOP-establishment, Rove thinking which has given us two very mediocre candidates in two elections and would give us mediocre candidates in all eternity, then this thinking condemns us to mediocre candidates. I hope Rove goes for good, and his mentality with him.

2) HHS mandate

At this point, unless the bishops wet their cassocks this is going to become a huge legal fight, and if that goes wrong hopefully a social mess big enough as to force “change”. I doubt the Church in the US has the right personnel to pick up such a fight in a hard way. Again, they reap what they saw, and they get what they deserve. Their bones and skulls will pave the ways in Hell.

3) Catholic vote

I still have to find the exact information. The Latinos have voted for Obama in scaring percentages, but I do not know how many of them defines themselves as atheists or protestants. I suspect the protestants were more opposed to the President than the Catholics on average. Still, it shows the utter failure of the American clergy – collectively seen – in this matter.

I do not have the data of those who define themselves as Catholic Church goers, or as Catholic of Italian, or Irish descent. I suspect the thing goes together with income cohorts. Which shows how ineffective the Church has been.

The Guffawing Cardinal determined to please the President in case the latter should win is (literally) the picture itself of what must change but as always, the change must come whence all change is originated: Rome.

4) The country

I do NOT think the country has become more “liberal”. It has merely become more polarised. The House is not only safely Republican, but these Republicans are as conservative as this was not seen in a long time.

They have not failed, nor has the Country failed them. Romney has failed.

5) The vote

The same electorate sending in the House an encouragingly conservative troop has given McCain less support than the one it had given McCain under the wave of “Obamania”.  There is way more brutally eloquent to describe the extent of Romney’s failure to get the conservative vote.

The GOP got another slap in the face, and I think it is a well-deserved one. The age of RINO candidates must end, than it is clear with this strategy the Republican party cannot even win against an atheist Nazi madman who has driven the country to the wall economically and morally.

6) The future

I would like to be able to personally cane those who now write on this blog saying that the battle is lost, we have to live with legalised abortion, we have to live with institutionalised sodomy, or we have to live with Obamacare, or we have to live with everything else. Whatever has been done can be undone. It might be more difficult and more long a process, but life was never supposed to be as easy as we wish. In the absence, I will delete defeatist comments. You want to work for the devil, do it elsewhere.

Find consolation in the thought you live in an age allowing true Christians to strenghten their faith. Never be defeatist. Victory is ours already, though we may never see it in this life. This life is supposed to be a vale of tears, not a walk in the park. The day we die we will be away from all this, and hopefully on our way to complete victory. Let us work on this every day without being distracted or depressed by the world around us.

I will personally pray more, and fight harder. As far as I am concerned, I want Obama to become a mean to my spiritual progress, not to my destruction.

God works in mysterious ways. Pray, and be in good spirits.


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  1. Bully for you, M! We must not hide our light under a bushel basket. Before the Reformation, the Catholic Clergy were in large part, like our clergy today–dis-united, many were ensconced in simony, luxury, and were in violation of chastity. The laity were exasperated, and were the tinderbox for the explosion as manifest by Luther. Well, back then the experiment with opposition to the Church succeeded. This time, the faithful Catholic laity, the remnant, will take the Church back because, of course, Protestantism is a failed experiment. Too, the culture will not be healed by politics–brick by brick faithful Catholics will rebuild the culture. It may take hundreds of years.

    Chin up–onward Christian solidiers! St. Michael, defend us in battle.

    PS: Bishop Dolan is a tragic figure IMHO.

  2. Mundabor….I do agree with you that the USA is not more liberal… has been liberal for a long time. Remember that almost 50 pct of people did NOT want 4 more years of Obama! Everywhere I go people are in mourning or in shock. They are 3 days later starting to pick up the pieces and go on with their lives.

    The shock will come slowly to the ones who voted for Obama as things are implemented that were held back from being advertised due to Obama wanting the vote. Today on the news they gave the numbers for what will happen when the Bush Tax cuts are ended next month. Obama preached that he was for the middle class and that they would not be hurt with this expiration of tax relief, that it would only make the very wealthy pay their share.

    Well…..I guess that America must have MANY MORE VERY WEALTHY than I ever imagined because the stats show that over 80pct of households will see their taxes go up. Maybe our “Middle Class” only comprise 10% while the VERY POOR are another 10%? That would add up to the 100% of our population! IF NOT, I suspect that MANY Hard working middle class families will find it shocking to see less and less of their money come home to pay bills and feed their families.

    I personally do not feel that all is lost. It is just dormant for awhile in order for people to experience the evil agenda that Obama preached yet hid much of from his tingly leg followers. The battle will still go on to save the lives of the innocent and to hold up God’s design for marriage.

    It may get uglier for many (those who live in California, New York, Maine, Vermont, Colorado and Washington State) as I know so well what it is like for a conservative Christian to live out their life in a very liberal state. The city that I grew up in (Santa Barbara, CA) has not elected a Republican for many years and right now they not only have every elected official both city and state as a Democrat but on their City Counsel they just elected a radical Communist.

    I was blessed to have God move me 2 years ago to Tennessee in the Conservative South where we have most of our elected officials being conservative and pro-life Christians! It is an entirely different world for us so far!

    If Conservatives want to win the vote nationally in the future, they need to start working one by one on the conversion of people’s lives and mind sets. Right now there is no way that the Godly Republican Platform that is Pro-God, Pro-Life, and Pro-Traditional Marriage, be able to take the country by storm. This will only happen as the majority of the voters have a conversion of heart to God’s ways and to his laws (not our own!).

    • Elizabeth, you echo Voris’ theme: serious work on the ground, time, and will to fight. As you say, we are not far away.

      If I think that the perverts have needed 50 years to come where they are today, I can’t see why we shouldn’t fight without any concern of how long will it take. As far as I am concerned, if I see things going right in my lifetime, that’s very fine. Otherwise I’ll hopefully see my reward when I die, which can’t be many decades away and could be, actually, before then…

      We are , in a sad way, privileged to live in a time when a fight is required of us. The times which will damn so many will also help so many…


  3. Thank you, Mundabor. I’ve never known you to fail to give encouraging, manly, stoutly Catholic counsel on everything, bolstering your readers up for the fight. Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!


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