They’re dying, because they’re stupid: the Jesuits.



I have always thought religious orders make provisions for their member’s retirement.

It appears this might not be so. On the one hand, dying orders like the Jesuits and the Franciscans surely must swim in real estate, as the swindling number of members leaves their structures unused and ready for the market; on the other hand, it appears in many cases no direct retirement capital provisions have been made, with the result that the cash-flow issues might become acute in the next years.

Perhaps I should be “charitable” here and call for the generous support of the old nincompoops from the part of the pewsitter, grateful for 50 years of mindless and shameless devastation to the point of helping those who have destroyed vocations to have a comfortable retirement for themselves. But you see, I am not sure it would be the right thing to do.

When those who have almost destroyed Catholicism discover that their idiocy is now falling directly on their heads, this can only have salutary effects for their own soul. After the attempt to pump money out of the masses they have so “joyously” instructed fails miserably, they might well ask themselves why this is so; and when even the remaining, small but growing minority of real Catholics tell them they have made their bed and should now lie in it, because the faithful’s own money will rather go to finance the brutal expansion of the likes of the SSPX, this might also be a real eye-opener for the poor chaps. At that point, they might discover poverty in a rather literal sense, and will feel nearer to the oppressed… Perhaps they will even discover some real humility, the one for example that does not lead one to think God was wrong for the last 2000 years, and needed them to establish a new religion based on stupidity and common places.

Most importantly, the experience might show them what goes around comes around, and if you destroy Catholicism to satisfy your own vanity and desire of a comfortable, conflict-free life you might discover what you have left of Catholicism is not enough to provide you with more than the bare necessities…

Sadly, it is easy to predict this is mot going to happen. The cash flow needs will be provided for, I am very much afraid to say, by the sale of the huge assets, and the poor asses will comfortably sail towards a fat retirement and, in many cases, an unrepentant death after all the devastation they have caused.
This might well be the last fat harvest the devil obtains from the Vatican II generation(s), before a new breed of real Catholics, steeled by the antics of the said V II asses, takes over.

Do not be worried, then, for the material welfare of this disgraceful generation of miserable friars. Be afraid for their spiritual one instead.


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  1. Maybe the ‘new breed’ can sequester the VII priests and religious out in desolate desert or howling mountain retreats. They can then show these liberal loons big wads of cash and say,”This is the money we’re saving by not putting you up in a luxury condo. A traditional abbot or religious will be coming in shortly to teach you the rosary and how to do reparations for all the damage you’ve done over the years. The money we’re saving will be used to finance evangelism, instead of your damn-fool social justice nonsense. Please pray for the salvation of souls or do you need help with that too?”

  2. “This might well be the last fat harvest the devil obtains from the Vatican II generation(s), before a new breed of real Catholics, steeled by the antics of the said V II asses, takes over.”
    … Very insightful. I had always thought that, the Second Vatican Council, guided by the Holy Spirit, would strengthen Catholics by the whole “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” methodology. Hopefully we can emerge from this “steeled”.

    • Yes, it’s a kind of Pelosi approach: first let’s see where does this leads us: if in 100 years we see that the Church is persecuted and has reduced herself almost to irrelevance, then we will decide perhaps, just perhaps, there might have been something wrong…


  3. “… the swindling number of members …” — a most excellent freudian slip, M,! 🙂

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