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Political Correctness Gone Mad: Google’s Gender Madness.



If you want a new email with Google, you must answer a question about your “gender”.

Choices: male, female, and “other”.

Mind, it doesn’t say “prefer not to say” (my gender is, in the end, none of Google’s business). It says “other”.

I have tried to select “other” to see if it worked. It did.

Alas, I’ll take my new email address from another provider.




Frankfurt’s “Homo Market”

Used to be rather nice: Frankfurt’s “Weihnachtsmarkt”, now “Schwulenmarkt”.

Punctually with the Christmas season, the PC fest starts and does not fail to make headlines. After the “Winter Lights” and other rather amusing names concocted in order to avoid mentioning Christianity, the German city of Frankfurt has now another original, if very stupid idea: the “perverts’ corner” at their own Christmas Market. In fact, the market will be enlarged with a section exclusively dedicated to sodomites & Co., called – wait for this – “Pink Christmas”.

As in all PC exercises, the stupidity of all this is mind-boggling. The heroes responsible for the decision have kept the name of “Christmas” market, but have simply decided to forget everything Christianity is about. As if instead of the birth of our Saviour they were celebrating the birth of Elton John, or Stephen Fry’s first act of sodomy. Can’t wait for the Christmas market section for zoophiles, and am curious to see what colour “Christmas” will be for them.

Before some PC cretin pollutes my comment box with his senseless drivel about “inclusiveness”, let me say that homosexuals were never forbidden entry to a Christmas Market, as they were never forbidden entry in church; but clearly, a homosexual is expected to behave in the proper way in both places, and is not expected – in church, at a Christmas market or anywhere else – to find any kind of “sympathy”, “understanding” or “inclusiveness” for his perversion.

This immensely stupid initiative will be a good way to gauge how far the indifference of Germans for everything religious has come: Christmas Markets have traditionally been also a family entertainment (during the day and the weekend, mainly) and it will be interesting to see how many parents decide to avoid the place altogether, firstly in order to avoid exposing their children to in-your-face perversion and secondly because there’s no scarcity of nice Christmas Markets in the region.

It would be rather nice if this last homo-initiative were to become a commercial flop, leaving the city of Frankfurt with a double problem: a failing (former) Christmas market, and the necessity to backpedal on the homos to save what is still to be saved.
Still, I have no big hopes that much will happen; things have come to a point that without a serious work of instruction and religious education not much will seriously shock German parents, be they (nominally) Catholic or not.

If any German reader of mine happens to live or (more probably) work in the vicinity, my suggestion is to avoid the place altogether. Wiesbaden’s is – for now – much nicer anyway.


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