Trendy Traddies


It does not happen very often that the likes of Yours Truly (and of his readers, who must all be carved out of the same, or at least a similar wood) are called “trendy” by a magazine read all over the world. More often, adjectives like “backward”, “narrow-minded” and the unfailing “homophobic” will be used.

Of course, being a magazine with planetary readership does not mean that the magazine is any good; but what it certainly means is that when such a magazine decides to host an article about a certain “trend”, the world has started to notice. Therefore, when – as I have from His hermeneuticalness – the “Economist” suddenly discovers that we “traddies” are the real “trendies”, they do nothing more than registering a phenomenon less and less capable of being ignored: sound Catholics are taking over the grassroots and are – and this must also be said – clearly intentioned to demolish the wall of madness built – and still maintained – by fifty years of drunken, stupid, and cowardly V II masonry.

We, we “traddies” are the real “trendies”! We are the future, because we are the real past. We are the orthodox ones, and the VII generation is on our way. Our ilk already produces a shocking percentage of new vocations (look at the SSPX statistics for France!) and will,  in a decade or three, produce a corresponding number of bishops and cardinals. This, in turn, will give us Popes actually able and willing to do their job properly.

Even the “Economist” has noticed. No better way to say it.




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  1. Mundabor,
    Encouraging indeed. Traditional Catholics (that is, all those attached to the Traditional Mass, whatever their official canonical status) flourish in many countries. They are the only ones having a significant, sustainable amount of vocations.
    As a natural pessimist, this leads me to think that the hammer of the modern militantly atheist state will come down soon. In Germany, for example, some states are already trying to close down FSSPX schools.Traditionalist success means more persecution, and sooner. But there will be few martyrs this time. The devil has learnt his lesson about the blood of martyrs being the seed of the Church. It will be a long, hard struggle.
    There is a very insightful Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. I’d rather live in less interesting times, but we do not get to choose. We have to work with that which God has appointed for us, knowing that, ultimately, everything done for His greater glory will work out for the best. In this context, it is very encouraging news that the islands of sanity are growing steadily. They will be urgently needed once the persecution begins in earnest.

    “…cowardly V II masonry. ”
    Just asking for clarity: Do you intend to imply something about a conspiracy of freemasons during the Council and/or within the hierarchy, or is it just an unrelated expression?

    • Catocon,
      whilst IO tend to be more optimistic than you, I see a certain degree of persecution as inevitable. If you think what is happening with “” (a persecution aided and abetted by the very Catholic hierarchy) it is not difficult to see there will be blood on the carpet, either figuratively or in the literal sense.

      I can easily imagine the SSPX being forced the same way as, who will probably reopen without German and Austrian contributors. It’s as bad as that.

      As to the masonry, it was simply an analogy to wall-building. I do not believe that there was a masonic conspiracy during V II; I actually believe much worse: that some within the Church openly (not covertly) tried to appease everyone, freemasons included.


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