Fantastic Pro Male Priesthood Video!

Courtesy of The Curt Jester.

All-dancing, all-singing madness.

Pure fun. Please show this to friends and relatives.

Don’t forget the acquaintances.


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  1. You have GOT to be kidding!!! WOMEN PRIESTS?????

    • You might be missing something here, Elizabeth.. 😉

      The title of the blog post says this is a fantastic pro MALE priesthood video… 😉


  2. His Hermeneuticalness (I think) suggested this was not in fact a parody. That is a sobering thought.


    • No, of course it was not a parody. It was – and I am slowly surprised this was not understood – something really meant. The video comes from the curt jester, who says so.

      I have written in my blog post this is “madness” exactly for this reason.


  3. PS: I was quite right. Father Z (not His Hermeneuticalness, splendid as he is) has this to say:
    The ”Women’s Ordination Conference”. behind this travesty, are here:

    St Therese of Lisieux is quoted in support of this farce. That the sweet, pious, beautiful Little Flower of Jesus, should be pressed into (under the deeply insulting title of ‘Patron Saint of Women’s Ordination’) the support of flagrant disobedience angers me more than I can say.

    • Well if you consider the woman starts attacking St. Paul you really have it all.. 😉

      The fact these people do not understand how comic they are should be a tragedy; actually it is, but I can’t stop laughing anyway…

      My bad, no doubt.


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