Efficient Jesuits

After my posts on the (just deceased) homo masses in Soho, a reader wrote a comment desiring for the once great order of the Jesuits to be suppressed (again!) by the Pontiff. He later considered his comment ungenerous and asked me not to publish it, which I duly did.

Do not worry, my scrupulous friend: the Jesuits are actively working toward the achievement of this goal themselves.


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  1. Fitting post for the consecration-day of the Pope’s secretary.

  2. I, personally, would be very upset to see the Society of Jesus suppressed (again). They have worked so much good since their foundation by St Ignatius (Loyola) as defenders of the faith. Now, unfortunately, it is riddled with heresy and evils. It would be a shame to dispense with them all together, but, this might need to be done, for its own good.

    I would like to see it again restored to the powerhouse of militant mission work and strong defense of the faith.

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