HHS Mandate Explained

Nice video about Obamacare

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  1. FOUR things are very sad………
    #1 MANY people don’t seem to even care….many of them don’t even know who Joe Biden is! (Uh like the VP of the US!!)
    #2 Many people want abortions to still be legal!!! (Hope they don’t die anytime soon without conversion of heart!!)
    #3 Many people who WOULD care don’t KNOW what is really going on!!! The major media outlets are not snitching on their beloved Messiah O!
    #4 Then we have the people who REALLY DO CARE, are UPSET to the point of fretting or frothing at the mouth, but they don’t know what to do to change things! (other than get on your knees and beg for God’s Mercy!)

    Seems like many people are walking around like Obama Zombies just thinking EVERYTHING is ROSY!!!

    Personally? I can’t WAIT for them to find out the truth when they wake up from their Stupor!!! By then it will most likely be too late and we will be just another GREECE or SPAIN with so many problems that people are barely surviving. Will THAT be a good time to say “I TRIED TO TELL YOU SO!!!”????

    • Elizabeth,

      Spain is an example of fiscal virtue compared with the US.

      Greece is more to the point.. 😉

      You are absolutely right on your observation. As to #4 I suggest to continue the resistance and the prayers. Personally I’d find it a consolation to be able to tell Obama supporter “I told you so”, but they are clearly so stupid they will think it’s Bush’s fault…


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