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Priests Against Sodomy

Defend us in battle!

Defend us in battle!

In a rather unprecedented show of defiance of modern secular values, 1,000 Catholic clergymen have signed a letter to our honorary “gay” PM, asking him to put an end to the craze of so-called same sex marriage. The letter was strategically published on the “Telegraph” on Saturday and will, no doubt, cause more than some uneasiness among the elected prostitutes currently leading the country towards total transformation into a huge modern Sodom only waiting for the Exterminating Angel to be ordered to get on with his work (more selectively than the last time , I hope).

The event is, as far as I know, unprecedented at least for England, and puts “call me a whore” Cameron on collision course with an awful lot of Catholics; then if things have a logic and common sense still counts for something this is not going to stop at the letter writing stage.

The elements that emerge are, as I see them , the following:

1) The English Catholic clergy pays now, with steep interest, the price of their cowardice in the past. The “civil partnership” madness is less than ten years old, and geniuses like today’s Archbishop of Westminster were full of appreciative, oily, slimy, subservient “nuances” about it, uncaring even for the salvation of their own soul provided they can go on with their lives undisturbed. Make no mistake, many of the priests and bishops react now because, hard headed as they are, they have realised their lives are not going to go on undisturbed for very long if the Gaystapo isn’t stopped. The erosion of Christianity in this country is going one day to impact their daily lives and this, they cannot allow.

2) Some very harsh passages in the letter (the reference to Henry VIII, and the total discounting of the ridiculous legal protections allegedly awarded by people who think you don’t even have the right to refuse sodomitical couples a room in your Bed and Breakfast, and think a Christian has no right to wear a cross at work) show that, for once, the English clergy has been perceptive: the Gaystapo can’t be appeased, and every concession one makes to them will lead to the request for further concessions, until a priest has the choice between celebrating mock marriages in a Catholic Church or go to jail; and at that point it would clearly have to be jail, then not even Paul VI would cave in on this.

3) Still, it is revealing the initiative appears not to have started by the Bishops, but to be the initiative of priests who understand if they leave things to their shepherds they’ll all be devoured by the sodomitical wolf; as these things always take a dynamic of their own, said shepherd were not (or will not be) able to ignore the pressure and have decided (or will decide) to jump in.

So this is where we are now: a reaction from the bottom that, whilst still weak in itself, promises to become far more interesting in the future, as the ball is now rolling (no thanks to you, Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols) and it appears difficult to think further pressure will not be applied. The announced approaching of 65 MPs in marginal constituencies is a thinly veiled anticipation of things to come and a clear warning there will be blood on the carpet, and this battle will cost politicians’ careers.

I have already said several times that with the usual exceptions, an English MP is a be-suited (or tailleured) prostitute. They have no fear of the Lord, no thought about their death and judgment, and mostly no religious convictions they could write on a napkin. The de-ideologised state of the country and the horrible first-past-the-post system favour a mentality of utterly shameless flip-flopping, with the MP as the servant of whatever wishes of his constituents, which in practice means the slave of tiny but organised pressure groups, like the fags. Still, what really terrifies them is getting in the sight of some pressure group that is massive and well-organised.

As stated, most of them are already scared stiff by a bunch of queens, and will do whatever the latter say as long as they think the mass of the indifferent sheep will go along and be content with some well-sounding waffle about “commitment”, “happiness” and the like. Until another group wakes up, that is, and scares the Cameron out of them.

Unfortunately, we are here far away from the determination that would be required. If we had real shepherds instead of timid sheep, an all-out fall-out would take place, and the entire Westminster world would soon understand Cameron, Miller, Johnson and a couple of other bonzes have become political toxic waste promising to destroy the career of whoever dares to even hint he might support them. “Look”, must be the message, “we are going to go against them until they are destroyed and made an example for the others, and who cares if it takes 3,000 years and a civil war. Therefore, choose your side carefully”. This is, in the practice if not in the words, the style of the Italian clergy. If they let you fall once, there will be no return in their graces: they will do whatever they can (which may be more or less, but more than you want) to make scorched earth around you, and boy they do have time!
Even Mussolini knew it, but you may want to ask Berlusconi for security.

You think the Church in England can’t make scorched earth around Cameron and his pervs? Think again. A small group of perverts has managed to almost outlaw every criticism to their so-called lifestyle. Just imagine what the weekly attacks to Cameron, Miller, Johnson & Co from a group representing millions of voters (plus the Anglicans, Atheists, agnostics, Jews and, importantly, Muslims who have the pockets full of this) would do to them.

Ah, if we had brave leaders instead of the likes of Nichols, how much could still be achieved! As it stands, his priests are forced to literally force Nichols’ hand, but he will only do as little as is absolutely necessary, and his shameless, satanic “nuanced” support for civil partnerships will haunt him every step of the way and deprive him of all credibility. It’s like having Neville Chamberlain (or, well, Vidkun Quisling) leading the charge against Hitler.

Let us pray and hope for the best anyway. The pressure is mounting, the House of Lords might stop the law, the litigation would be on an unprecedented scale, the general mess promises to be on an epochal scale and more and more MPs might soon start to think about their future and have second thoughts.

This isn’t over yet, by far.


The Madness Reblog…

Mundabor's Blog

I have already written in the past about all the outrageous things happening among our Proddie brothers and sisters in , I hope, Christ.

You might remember the dog given Communion (I mean, theirs really isn’t; but it’s not about that), or the similarly brainless idea of giving communion to the unbaptised.

Today, I’d like to give you a further example of what happens when one belongs to a so-called Church the Holy Ghost (alreadyhaving His own Church, which is the Only One) doesn’t touch with a tadpole: Christianity mixes with political, or politically correct, ideas and what comes out of this mess is a tragic banalisation of the Christian message or, worse, outright disrespect for our Lord.

Take this, for example, from which the following words of wisdom reach us:

The Episcopal Church’s office of Economic and Environmental Affairs released a statement urging followers to stay mindful of…

View original post 457 more words

Hell: The Comment Rant.

This is a comment I had posted some time ago concerning the probability that Christopher Hitchens is now in hell. I thought I’d re-publish it because in my eyes it makes a rather valid blog post in itself. 


…we don’t know, and therefore we can’t be certain. It would be a sin of presumption for us to do so. Still, a Catholic is not allowed to pray for souls of whom he thinks they are very probably – very probably – in hell, because the Church doesn’t pray for the souls who are in hell. 

The issue here is, I think, an issue of attitude: it can’t be that one behaves in that way and after he dies an army of people run to the keyboard to tell us that he was passionate, therefore he might have been saved. Well he was a great bastard and blasphemer enemy of God until the end of his public life, and therefore he very probably wasn’t.

Best wishes to him and to his guardian angel, but don’t bet your pint.

Hitchens must be mentioned as a cautionary tale, not as a way of showing that however wicked you are you can still make it. This would lead further souls to perdition, and he has already lost enough, and many more will his books lead to hell.

I wonder how many people write blog posts saying “Pray for the repose of Adolf Hitler”. To be coherent, they should. We can’t judge, the all-merciful God, and all that.

If they do, they are at least coherent.

I don’t, because I think so probable that Hitler (and Hitchens) are in Hell, that it would seem to me out-of-place to pray for them after the first two or three “eternal rest”.

If you want to know, my conduct when such bastards (oh sorry, let me rephrase it: bastards; he is dead after all) die is as follows:

a) Three “eternal rest” for the deceased, even if I think it very likely that he is in Hell. This both because the mercy of God and the efforts of his guardian angel might have fished him out of hell at the very last moment (improbable, unless we want to reducve ourselves to kindergarten level; but still possible), and because I think of how much his poor guardian angel must have prayed for him. I try to do my best on that, reflect that we all need God’s mercy, and all that. If you look my post when Obama died, I go more in detail there.

b) let the thing be a cautionary tale for me: that Hell is real, people really go there, and they don’t need to be a Pol Pot to do it; albeit, frankly, I can’t see a big difference between the two either, other than the fact Pol Pot had possibilities Hitchens never had.

It is my conviction that goodism and soppy theology lead people to hell as effectively as open blasphemous attacks. Hitchens specialised in the second, it is astonishing how many seem to want to specialise in the first. They must feel good, no doubt.

Think of the Church of 100 years ago, and tell me how many priests would have used this death to remind people of the concrete possibility of hell, and of the very concrete – though not certain, God pleasing – possibility of him having landed there, and how many to reassure his fans about his salvation chances.

Death + Mortal sin + no repentance = Hell.


Mundabor’s Blog: 2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

I thought i would post it as a thank you to you all for making this blog (as I hope it is) an interesting place to go to if you are a conservative Catholic.

Thanks to all again



Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 460,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 8 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.

Double Standards

The former head of a pro-abortion group arranges payment with a man to have sex with the latter’s 12-years old daughters. The abortionist travels to meet the girl, and is arrested as the entire arrangement was a police trap.

It is interesting to note that, as the representative of a pro-life group says,

“Sexual predators who impregnate underage girls rely on cooperative abortion clinics to cover up their crimes”.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Abortionists help Planned Genocide to make money, Planned Genocide helps them when they get in trouble.

Another pro-life group goes as far as to say:

“Nobody should be surprised that people who advocate the murder of children would be involved in the sexual abuse of children.”

which, as a statement, truly does make a lot of sense too.

A last aspect I would like to notice:

what would have happened if the man caught by the police had been a priest?



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