Soho Masses: No Bull In Farm Street

Vatican yogurt proved not very digestible in Soho and surrounding neighbourhoods...

Vatican yogurt proved not very digestible in Soho and surrounding neighbourhoods…


I have written in the last days about the abrupt end of the sodomasses in Soho. It was on that occasion made known the “pastoral provision” for the unrepentant sodomites (whatever that means; I doubt it means “proper instruction and invitation to live a chaste life and pray that they may free themselves from their affliction”) would continue in nearby (but very different) Mayfair, Farm Street. This means of course the Jesuits would continue to gather the queens (as queens, which means: as unrepentant perverts trying to subvert Catholic teaching) and would celebrate Mass, which in itself (the celebration of Mass, I mean) is obviously nothing wrong.

In the predictable, very probably whining interview with the Tablet, the father who has put himself in charge of the queens was asked whether some of the, erm, particularities of the old sodomasses would continue; you know, innocent things like homemade (or rather, homomade) bidding prayers, rainbow “decoration” on the altar and elsewhere and such like rubbish….

Wait, this would make of the mass a homo mass, wouldn’t it? Still, the detail must have escaped the Tablet hack, who felt the need to ask anyway.
The answer leaves no doubt: no such things will be allowed. A Mass is a Mass and no mistake, and again every attempt to let the homomasses get back in from the window after having been kicked out from the door would let Archbishop Mueller look very stupid, and the Archbishop seems the type who doesn’t like to look stupid, at least when the SSPX doesn’t teach him Catholic doctrine. Therefore, no little tricks and subterfuges will be allowed on this occasion.

All this seems rather obvious to me, but it is nice to know it is now printed on the “Tablet”, too…

It gives one a kind of special satisfaction….


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  1. Perhaps not so clear cut! A comment to The Catholic Herald piece by William Oddie appeared to imply that either the “quisling” or the lord almighty ++Muller had arranged the deal with a nod and a wink. Tje said comment was by a promoter of the homomasses.

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