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Sunday Psychologists



One of the funniest traits of liberals is their love for Sunday Psychology and fake wisdom. 

To make an example, they seem to think people who tend to talk a lot about homosexuality (generally because they have been raised properly, in a proper Christian country, and feel as if bestiality had become the latest fashion modern society has to “celebrate”) get a lot of accusations of being, at some level, latent homosexuals. 

The reasoning is: if you really hate something, at some level you like it. Smart, isn’t it? Let us think this to the end: the entire world is secretly in love with Adolf Hitler; the Holocaust is approved at some latent level by the entire world population; incest, bestiality and pedophilia are he most popular latent passions known to mankind; particularly to Liberals, who scream all the time about pedophile priests. 

I always enjoy giving the usual wannabe Freud a smiling, very relaxed answer: first I let them express the concept that what one hates he at some level loves, and then I proceed to explain to them that they are telling me themselves (so they must know rather well) that they would love to screw their dog, their parents, and their children or nephews (if any)… Make sure to mention the children, if any. No, seriously. 

Here is where the one or other generally get seriously offended (they can accuse you of an abomination, but you can’t do the same with them; hey, they’re the tolerant ones…), and this is the time to tell them very clearly in their face what you think of those like them, of their wannabe psychology and of the state of their brain cells in general.

This, you do in a very commanding and virile tone which says “the jokes end here, you moron”, in case they should think you aren’t masculine enough (which, by the way, liberals often aren’t themselves; which is why you see them dressed like fags even when they happen not to be), so that the air is clear from any possible misunderstanding. 

I have already had three or four of these neat exchanges, and I assure you it is great fun and not only ends the debate, but takes care that the above mentioned Liberal expunges the theory from his little collection of platitudes, at least in the presence of those who were there. 

I have already written in the past that these liberals are very often people of mediocre intelligence with a great desire of making themselves beautiful with some easily digestible common place; being rather slow, they will not see their shallowness, but this will not fail to impress other people moving in the same IQ regions; that is: other liberals. When many follow the same platitudes it will be called Obamania (and the money helps there a lot), or Global Warming, but it works on a much smaller scale, too. 

So, my dear liberal cretin, how is your reaction to incest?


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