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Reading here and there, I sometimes have the impression that there is some misconception about what a catechism is.

Particularly the younger generations (those grown up in the doctrinal vacuum of the Paul VI – JP II era) must be under the impression that the one issued under Pope John Paul II is the Catechism, either believing that there was no catechism before it or that this catechism made everything that came before it superfluous.

I would like to point out to a couple of concepts and give the reader some background and reading hints.

1) A catechism is not infallible. Every catechism is nothing more than an attempt at explaining Catholic teaching in a way easily digestible for the non theologically trained laity. Similarly, no catechism is mandatory. There is an official catechism, but every catechism approved by ecclesiastical authority (particularly if in tempi non sospetti, as we…

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  1. You mention that Pope Benedict XVI’s Compendium met with the full approval of the Abbe de Nantes “on all accounts”. Could you please supply the source of this opinion?

    • I read it years ago on the internet. If you google around, I think you’ll find it, though it might be in French. The Abbe’ said that the Compendium addressed all the counts of heresy moved against the Catechism of JP II.


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