Lutheran Ecumenism?

Here in a rare moment of calm: Martin Luther.

Here in a rare moment of calm: Martin Luther.

If you want to have incontrovertible evidence that post V II “ecumenism” is nothing else than a betrayal of Catholicism, look no further than at the reactions of German Lutherans to the rumours of an “ordinariate” for local, and hopefully converted Lutherans desirous to swim the Tiber.

The reaction of some of them was, as widely reported, of an initiative in contrast with the “ecumenical” work made by the Church in the past.  They are, of course, perfectly right.

The initiative of actively caring for those Lutherans (hopefully) desirous to side with Truth is in absolute contrast with the mentality, widely spread in Germany, that we must look at Lutherans not as people believing in error and endangering their soul, but of people simply choosing an alternative path to Salvation and therefore to be left in peace;  and truly, in a country where a Catholic Cardinal calls Luther “the common doctor” (this would be Lehmann, if memory serves) there is not much else to expect.

The decision to provide for German Ordinariates is, in fact, the opposite of Ecumenism as widely understood by the German Catholic clergy: no surprise our brothers and sisters in state of heresy begin to notice.

If the Ordinariates were to go on, though, one would have some serious worry about what kind of “Catholicism” the poor converts would be subjected to, as the priests able to really think and believe like Catholics seem to be in the minority. The task could be left to the well-equipped and perfectly trained Panzerdivisionen  of the SSPX, of course, but my impression is Archbishop Mueller doesn’t like the way they have let him look like an amateur theologian with a penchant for heresy – a stingy remark, because deserved – and therefore no request for help is, I am very much afraid, going to reach Father Schmidberger.

This being Germany, one must consider the ever-present issue of the Kirchensteuer: it may well be that the Church in Germany, faced with the losses caused by the Kirchenaustritte, the exits from the Kirchensteuer-system, has decided that it is time to graze in foreign pastures a bit more assertively. But it really doesn’t make much sense, because if Salvation is in the cards anyway and everyone has his heart in the right place, it should be rather the same what one does, oder?

I am curious to see what the new converts will be taught about extra ecclesiam nulla salus. They might discover some of their new teachers are just as Protestant as they do not want to be anymore.


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  1. But! But! CDF chief ++Muller has implied that Lutherans are already more Catholic than SSPX! It has also been stated that Vatican II has swept away and basis for disagreement twixt Rome and Lutherans, Now you know!

    • Exactly!

      A local Church with Cardinals who call Luther the common doctor should be equipped to convert Lutherans to Catholicism? Isn’t it a bit of a joke? Or has it to do with the Kirchensteuer?


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    Von einem Ordinariat für konversionswillige Lutheraner ist derzeit die Rede; dadurch könnten Lutheraner in Gruppen in die volle Gemeinschaft mit der Römischen Kirche eintreten und lutherische Liturgietraditionen beibehalten, die mit dem katholischen Glauben vereinbar sind. Für Anglikaner gibt es das schon.
    Der offizielle Protestantismus hat auf dieses Gerücht ablehnend bis panisch reagiert.
    Von neuem stellt sich die Frage, was eigentlich das Ziel des ökumenischen Dialogs ist.

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