Cardinal Mahony Amuses Everyone

roger mahony

You’re in trouble, Your Eminence.

After Archbishop Gomez’ announcement of Cardinal Mahony’s disgrace, the latter decided to write on his blog an answer to the Archbishop. Unwisely, the Cardinal encourages everyone to disseminate his letter.

I am all too happy to comply.

The Cardinal’s arguments are pretty much as follows:

1. We weren’t told “at school”.

This is very interesting. It’s the first time I read of a cardinal saying he was never trained as a specialist. No, Your Eminence, of course you weren’t. Your job was, in fact, to apply that modicum of common sense and intelligence than one can expect from every half-way wise person.

I also point out that people become parents – and many of them do an excellent job of it – without receiving a specialised training at school.

Still, this is a new one for the Church, and might be used from other organisations too. I can imagine big whigs of the BBC saying “we did nto receive any specific training about dealing with pedophile journalists”.


2. I made mistakes, but hey, everyone does. Since 2003 no one could accuse me of anything.

This is so twisted Berlusconi would be proud of the man. No one questions the fact that since the beginning of the century the problem has been tackled very aggressively (too aggressively, I would say; but that’s for another day…). The big problem is not what has happened in 2003, but before. In addition, it is clear the turning of screws from 2000 on came at the initiative of the Vatican. This is not something Mahony spearheaded, this is something he had to comply to.

3. Archbishop Gomez did not raise any question since 2010, and now shoots at me with the cannon.

Honestly, I thought as much when I read the Archbishop’s statement. My conjecture is that we are at the vigil of further revelations which would disgrace the Cardinal even more, or else that now a complete picture has emerged that makes the Cardinal’s position utterly untenable. It doesn’t happen every day that an Archbishop orders to a Cardinal to just keep out of his Archdiocese’s affair because he has already made  enough damage.


If you ask me, the  Cardinal has missed a wonderful occasion to shut up; but again, I can’t imagine he would asked me very often. How deluded the man is can be clearly seen from the picture of his horrible, very expensive Cathedral (among friends it is called the “Taj Mahony”)  in a prominent position in his blog page.

Cardinal Mahony was made a bishop by Paul VI. John Paul II made him Archbishop and sent him to Los Angeles, the biggest Catholic diocese worldwide. John Paul II is also the one who gave him his red hat.


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  1. I did some thoughts at my blog too, here:, this is my birth archdiocese that I have a vested interest in…

    • Thanks Joe

      if I may allow myself a question, I have a curiosity:

      do you ever visit the Cathedral? Do you know people who do? How is that … thing considered?


  2. You are right. Better for him to have kept quiet and to have been thought a fool than to have opened up and proven that he is one.

  3. It would be best if Cardinal Mahoney just keep quiet and be a repentant man. I could address many of his points and who like you did so well Mundabor how he is wrong and just trying to save his own legacy….but I won’t waste the time.

    What I will say that all of us need to pray for his soul because the way it is now he is in grave danger when he dies. It’s bad enough to be chastized and mixed up with these things but even WORSE to go babbling along and trying to defend your own sins.

    Notice the Bishop Curry on the other hand is being humble (as I have known him to be!) and is staying silent. THAT Cardinal Mahoney is how a real leader should act!!!

    • You are absolutely right, Elizabeth. Bishop Curry shows a completely different attitude, but again I think Mahony feels protected from his position as Cardinal and can’t see the writing is on the wall.


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