So-Called “Same Sex Marriage”: Pressure Mounting By The Hour

The Prime Minister observing the mounting pressure with some preoccupation.

The Prime Minister observing the mounting pressure with some preoccupation.

We knew that “Chameleon” Cameron had failed to carry the party with himself on this disgusting issue, but what has happened today is only one step short from the ousting of the Prime Minister.

Only days before the vote, the situation is as follows:

1. 180 Tory MP seem ready to vote against their own PM. Six whips are among them, and four members of the Cabinet.

It is astonishing to me how a party can be so blind they are unable to understand that the moment to sack the PM is now, not after the certain defeat in 2015. Cameron has proved he doesn’t care not only for Christianity, but for his own party base. This is something you invariably get to pay at the ballot. 

2. The call for postponement of the vote “after 2015” (which means, sine die) made today from more than 20 former and present constituency chairmen is a serious, serious signal. In this country, constituency chairmen are influential people,  but at the same time they always have the temperature about what is happening among party members. When they say that “resignations from the party are beginning to multiply” (and this is, mind, before the vote…) this is something that even an heathenish cretin must begin to take seriously.

3. The last, public slap from the PM is in the way the chairmen describe the entire procedure: no adequate consultation, and a legislative measure pushed through in a way they define “extremely distasteful”. Make no mistake, the party base is enraged, and there’s no way the PM can silence or ignore this anymore.

Pathetic Mr Hague  (a man whose positions have “evolved” over the matter; I won’t write the adjective for such behaviour) today tries to defend the indefensible by saying if they do not vote now, the party will have to deal with the issue at the next election. As if the last chances of winning the next election wouldn’t depend on exactly this matter…

Hague and Cameron have the unspeakable arrogance of believing the party is now making some rumours to appease the old ladies, but once the vote has passed the matter will be soon forgotten, and the country will happily march to vote an idiot without faith, without principles, without ideas, without any trace of Conservatism and with a face astonishingly similar to a pair of buttocks (which fits, by the way) back to Number Ten.

Fools, both of them. 

What is becoming increasingly clear, is that this issue is going to play a crucial role in the years to come, unless a couple of millions of over-sixty decide to leave this vale of tears all at the same time. The matter will also remain in the public attention, because the long parliamentary procedure and the increasingly more realistic prospects of foundering in the Upper House will make of this – bar collective insanity among conservative.. Conservatives – a very heated battle.

I have written only some days ago what I think are the real motives of the Prime Minister.  It would appear more and more members of the party (and of core voters) seem to disagree the PM’s urges should come before basic Christianity.

It is still astonishing to me how they do not make two and two and get rid of the man altogether. They are very possibly doomed already without this disgusting abetting of abominations. If they go on with it, they are really done for.  


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