Copper And Catholicism


If you live in England, you might have heard of – or experienced directly – frequent delays and service interruption in 2011-2012, caused by strange causes like “signal failure” and the like. It was as if the rail infrastructure had suddenly stopped working properly, and the face of the one or other colleague arriving late in the office would tell you they were not amused.

It turns out many of these technical problems were caused by copper theft, with the rail companies unwilling to say ” we have no trains until we replace the copper stolen in….. last night”, but rather “we have no trains due to signal failure at…”.

The problem had become more than a nuisance, and several measures were adopted: a dedicated task force, the use of painted water and the like. As a result, copper theft went down more than 50% in a year, with tougher laws now coming to further deter the criminal (this doesn’t seem so urgent, though. So-called same sex marriage apparently is….).

What do we learn from this? When problems are recognised and appropriate measures taken, things change.

Copper theft is not inevitable. One recognises the problem, deals with it appropriately and in due course, things start to change.

Our bishops should take this as an example: if they start thundering against sexual perversion instead of telling us how sensitive and pastoral they are, things will change. Not today and not tomorrow, but not even in two generations’ time.

The task force is supposed to be there: the priests. The legislative measures can also be used: the exclusion from communion whenever advisable, and of excommunications whenever possible (and if not yet possible, as someone seem to think, then it is clear the Canon Law is obsolete in this respect and must be changed to make them possible).  As water, holy water will work perfectly well. As for the copper theft, it is the will to achieve results that brings success, not the thinking that “these are the times”.

Alas, copper theft is decreasing whilst open sexual perversion is raging.


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