HHS Mandate: Late-Term Abortion In Sight?

HHS Mandate


By the Grace of God I am no Obama, but if I were I would start being rather worried about the ultimate outcome of the HHS mandate.

We are now informed the count now is at eleven decisions to three in favour of decent Christians. It is also to be noticed all decisions to date concern “for profit” organisations.

It is already clear this will be a very difficult childbirth.

Let’s hope in a late-term abortion. 



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  1. Mundabor:
    .”….If I were Obama I would start being rather worried…/..” You are being perhaps overgenerous or over-charitable or oversomething..
    I suspect , which does you honour, you are not into the bolshevist /chavist mindset – and so much the better- Chesterton has Father Brown say he imagined himself as any and every sort of criminal , as a spiritual exercise in humility knowing thre was absolutely NO sin that without God´s grace he was incapable of- true enough , certainly necessary for me. But I suspect that dwelling any time beyond that moment of knowledge of one’s fallen self is highly dangerous, that true danger, hypocritically flung in your face , of becoming akin to one’s temporal enemies by obsessive focussing..

    No, of his soul must we not judge, but the mindset of Mr Obama’s presidency is not sucess oriented, this situation for him and them is win-win-win. Division and hatred, nuspeak, lies, feelgood, and domination of “our side”are the general aims every bit as much as this momentary outpost of murder in the form of abortion and extention of totalinarianism.. Through all the conflict : win, from the very conflict, he is the man, the one,the secular prowoman paladin:, ¡circle. the wagons around the president!, more hate more division If the Catholics are judicially routed in the end : win, celebrate. If not : there stands the enemy revealed after no more than a minor skirmish, privelidged childabusers Roman traitors the peoples’ will and the march of progress etc etc frustrated by evil..win

    “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste” I fear this mindset will admit no such a human thing as worry, if even for the wrong reasons.

    Pray for this world we must, but the present looks more and more like the old recipe: God will act, but prayer, fasting, and the blood of martyrs, are needed first.,to feed the reevangelization of the West

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